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  • Dog Soldier - The Exploited
    "Dog soldier Big and strong Dog soldier Heavily armed Dog soldier Fully trained Dog soldier For money is the game Kill kill kill Dog soldier Why you here Dog soldier You show no fear Dog soldier"
  • Wolves Without Teeth - Of Monsters and Men
    "Open my chest and color my spine I'm giving you all I'm giving you all Swallow my breath And take what is mine I'm giving you all I'm giving you all I'll be the blood If you'll be the bones I'm giving"
  • Lower Case Letter - Kaddisfly
    "I wish people would be kind I wish the weight of our words Would weigh more heavily on our ways But people take and people say Human discourse has been unsafe I wish people would be kind But talk"
  • The Endless Plain Of Fortune - John Cale
    "Old Taylor said Old Taylor meant to cry -- oh my Field Marshall meant Field Marshall went away again Watch out below; the tides Lean heavily like wine We are all innocent in spite of you and me Then Martha"
  • While You're Waiting - Ron Sexsmith
    "Time goes slowly Time goes silently Drags its feet, no it never flies While you're waiting for the love to return to her eyes And words they fail you Words come awkwardly Leave your lips as they turn"
  • Leaning On Your Love - Loretta Lynn
    "(Ben Peters) I keep leaning on your love [ steel ] It's funny how someone depends so heavily on someone else's love to survive Ah but that's the way I feel deep down inside of me And you're the only reason"
  • Bittery Sweet - Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy
    "Flower black like my Blood Flowering in my Heart Heavily bowed to Ground I feel smell of Cold Picture rumpled in Memory Nude of Woman who I Know lovely Nakedness of Feelings perfect Colours of Shapes I'm"
  • Tomorrow Is Not New - Swingin' Utters
    "Bite your tongue, fight your addictions. Fall in line ,fall in love and know your predictions. Tomorrow is not new.And yesterday was due. Ridiculed by the fools, usually the culprit. Figurines and little"
  • Witness Your Own Oblivion - Callenish Circle
    "Relieve, the realm of the dead / In complete darkness you awaken / Not knowing where you are / Breathing tastes thin and dry / Your primal fear begins to stir / Helpless awaiting the reaper to come /"
  • Lift Up Your Hands - Drop N Harmony
    "Life, is not all that bad my friend If you believe in your self If you believe in some one Who'd walk through life with you You'll never be alone Just learn to be reach out and open your heart Lift up"

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