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High rule -Touch

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High rule -Touch
  • Peter Cetera Rule The World
    "There's a garden of hope In a town called faith And the state of Happiness Is not far away From the country of wants and the sea of needs I'll take you there with me Someday when i rule the world Gonna"
  • Groundation Babylon Rule Dem
    "Standing so I can see them beneath the morning sky All those who seek to climb so high To insure the river Jordan will not run dry All of the tears run out of the valley high Oh a den Mesada! I fear the"
  • Tony Vincent High
    "Hiding tears far beyond your years try to take a stand holding all command empty souls remain in control outward beauty here still it's all you know market deals losing their appeals now your pallet's"
  • Virgin Steele We Rule The Night
    "Lift Your Voices Up Raise The Roof Now We Are Coming There's No Stopping Us Here we go! Let The Creatures of pray Raise a clamor round your ears Cursing, screaming voices full of fear Of fear! It's"
  • Ayumi Hamasaki Rule
    "Dareka ni kime rareta Rule Sonna mon hitsuyou nai Datte kono bokura ga Rule Soko n toko yuzure nai Konna jidai no ittai doko ni kibou nante aru no ka tte Me ni mie nai mono o furerare nai mono o shinjite"
  • Dwight Yoakam An Exception To The Rule
    "Soft clouds all drift away Bright sunshine never stays Warm afternoons turn rainy, Dark and cruel. A candle's glowing light will die The purest voices often lie And with love I've found That all the same"
  • Superchic(k) High school
    "Guy: Dude did you hear that Superchic 's playing the prom? CHORUS: It's high school (high school) Could be (e) A mini me of the rest of society There's always (always) A prom queen (prom queen) There'll"
  • Kottonmouth Kings High Society
    "Now don't get me wrong The 10 commandments is cool See, once upon a time, I too, believed in the golden rule But the mere nation dwindle, so the saute swindle Got tossed the fuck out the window Ya know"
  • Ja Rule We getting high tonight
    "feat. Black Child Gangsta shit Fuck the drive by means you gettin high Ya feel it? This is funk Get ya dick sucked, get ya clit licked This that shit Word to god, listen I gotta unconditional love for"
  • The Beach Boys Surfers Rule
    "It's a genuine fact that the Surfers rule It's plastered on the walls all around the school now (Surfers rule, Surfers rule) Becoming just as common as a golden rule now (Surfers rule, Surfers rule) Take"

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