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  • Strife Dedication
    "My heart has felt such sorrow and my eyes see the pain. The tears have fallen once more, hatred fuels the flame. I refuse. There's a better way. I refuse. No more. I will not remain silent. My voice will"
  • Strife Rise Again
    "Broken and left for dead I had to change my path refuse to ever give in I will not be defeated I will rise form this place Gainging strength Rise from this pain Rise to the truth Acknowledge rebuild closer"
  • Strife Life Stained Red
    "This world screams for release War torn New battles born Day after day Numbers rise Life staine red Close your eyes Close your mind to the truth Cut yourself from the outside Ignore the signs numbers"
  • Strife Spill No Blood
    "Severed wrists can spill no blood No regrets for the judged Walk alone Stand alone I stand for more Though I'm unsure Never follow what you see Believe in what can be I am alone I stand for more Though"
  • Strife Angel Wings
    "Angel wings carry me Show me the things I can't see Why am I here at all Angels sing Comfort me Help to end this suffering Why am I here at all In this place I remain heavy with regret Hear me screaming My"
  • Strife Angermeans
    "A message sent to ensure that this world is a tragic place Still filled with ignorance And we can no longer hide behind false smiles That once were saving us Killing all the innocence We wave goodbye to"
  • Strife From These Graves
    "How long can this go on The tragic loss of life by the hands of our own questions Keep coming The answers seem so far and now I'm loosing my faith Can't you see the end is near I try to keep some kind"
  • Strife Staring At The Sky
    "She's lying on her back Staring at the sky Over and over in her head she's asking herself why Release me Free me Can't find out the reasons why Can't find the will to try everything seems so different"
  • Strife Mine Alone
    "No need Theres no use The past is gone Can't look back Forgive Condemn the choices made are mine alone I won't back down from this Can't turn back now The future holds new found light Strong enough"
  • Strife Everything Stripped Away
    "Once more I find myself in this place Can't find a way to get release this grip I'm in is holding tight No matter how I fight it gains more strength With everyday theres got to be some kind of peace"

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