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K.A.A.N. - Feels

  • Feels Good - Diamond Head
    "Tell momma about the things you do babe Tell papa how you like to live life for yourself Tell the world when the thrill is new that you make me feel good Feel Good Small kiss and I fall right under This"
  • The Feels - TWICE
    "Boy, I Boy, I Boy, I know I know you got you feels Boy, I Boy, I Boy, I know I am so curious About you boy Wanna keep it cool But oi know everything you move got me frozen I get so shy It’s obvious Catching"
  • Feels Good - Sacha Vee
    "It feels so good Hello lover, my true other Will you be my partner for life Will you be my champion Lead me to Zion For the rest of my time Hey, will you let me sit next to you Till the Sun rises up Let"
  • Feels Blind - Bikini Kill
    "All the doves that fly past my eyes, Have a stickiness to their wings In the doorway of my demise I stand Encased in the whisper you taught me How does it feel? It feels blind How does it feel? Well,"
  • Feels Good - Naughty By Nature
    "(feat. 3LW) [3LW] Ohh.. hey naughty.. Oh where's my kitty kat, where's my kitty kat at Welcome to our party, sexy little shorties Written on your hit and licking lot from my Bacardi Rub it on my body,"
  • Feels Inside - Robin Fox
    ""The way your eyes look into mine, makes me wonder... I wonder what it would be like... The way your words roll off your tongue, leaves me wonderin'... I wonder how it feels inside... The way your eyes"
  • Feels Good - Dr. Hook
    "(P. Overstreet/E. Stevens) I was looking hard for love then I found you And when I found you I just couldn't help but fall You wrapped your arms around me Ran your magic up and down me, now I can finally"
  • Feels Alright! - Regurgitator
    "you know it feels alright every time you walk in the room and you look so fine and i let you know i'll dance with you 'cause you're out of sight so that i'm sailing right past the moon and now the tune"
  • Feels like - Uriah Heep
    "I can feel your sadnessFrom what I said to youI'm drinking my forgivenessSo restless and confusedI don't know what I seeBut it looks a lot like loveShowing me somethingDeeper then deep in my soulAnd it"
  • Feels like - Jeremy Camp
    "I fail in every single way But every time I hear you say "Faithful one, come in to this place the place of rest where you belong," I anticipate the final day when I fall into your warm embrace, With everything"

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