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  • Zubunure Junkie - Kurt
    "Ame mo futtenai no ni zubunuredashi Guru guru guru guru mawaru Atama ga shikaiga mawaru Guru guru guru guru mawaru aa Kiduku to mata te ga nobite kanashii ne kusuri ga nai to Naku koto mo warau sura dekinai"
  • The Ballad Of Mack The Knife - Weill, Kurt
    "(translated by Marc Blitzstein) Oh, the shark has pretty teeth, dear, And he shows them pearly white; Just a jack-knife has Macheath, dear, And he keeps it out of sight! When the shark bites with his"
  • Be Grateful - Kurt Carr
    "Be Grateful Be Grateful God has not promised me sunshine That's not the way it's going to be But a little rain Mixed with God's sunshine A little pain Makes me appreciate the good times Be Grateful"
  • God Great God - Kurt Carr
    "Glory and honor dominion and power Now and forever the Lord God omnipotent Reineth with power forever with power Greater than all you are sovereign God God great God Worthy of honor and glory We stand"
  • No One Else - Kurt Carr
    "Every man must use the gift he's given Every man must do the will of God You were created for a reason and chosen for a season So never feel your gift is just too small Never feel that what you have is"
  • One Word - Kurt Carr
    "(Dear Lord as we prepare our heart to receive a Word from You, please accept our praise and receive this hymn as an offering to YOU) Here we are in great anticipation We have gathered in pursuit of You Longing"
  • Power Praise (Let God Arise) - Kurt Carr
    "Let God arise and his enemies be scattered Let God arise and his enemies be scattered Let God arise and his enemies be scattered Let God, Let God arise (2x) Power, Power Lord(4x) Jesus (7x) (repeat) Power,"
  • Psalm 68 (Let Our God Arise) - Kurt Carr
    "You are the awesome mighty One now Your enemies they better run now They are no match no comparison Died on the cross to overcome You took sting out of death that day Conquering both hell and the grave And"
  • The Lord Is Strong & Mighty - Kurt Carr
    "(Chorus) The Lord our God is strong and mighty The Lord our God is mighty in battle Sound the alarm on the Holy mountain He is wonderful and powerful He's mighty in His power There is a battle against"
  • They Didn't Know - Kurt Carr
    "(Choir) Jerusalem on a dusty road An innocent man condemned to death Bore a cross on his shoulders they didn't know Down the via dolorosa He staggered in agony As he looked upon the hatred In the eyes"

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