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  • Zeppelin Song - Courtney Love
    "Will you accept a collect call From Robert Plant? We picked him up on Vine On a bus bench singing that song This is not the 1st time He was so cute Jonny Punk Rock, so cynical You woulda jumped him too! Why"
  • Nautilius Zeppelin - Samael
    "let me glow, let me flow let me grow in you heart in your mind in your soul anywhere, anytime, anyhow when you want, when you need, when you know I will be there for you I will be there with you the sea"
  • Aero Zeppelin - Nirvana
    "What's a season in a right if you can't have anything What's the reason in a rhyme if a plan means anything What's the meaning in a crime, it's a fan if anything Where's the learning in a line, it's a"
  • Led Clones - Gary Moore
    "The time has come to talk about tomorrow. You should be more careful what you borrow. I heard them on the radio. I saw them on the video. I don't think I can take much more. Led clones Led clones You've"
  • Getting Led - Adam Green
    "I was a nation Bound to my station Getting Led x3 You saw beyond me Pounding down on me Getting led x3 A man fills his quotient It changed his notions Now you see of glimpse of liberty But fame could"
  • Easily Led - Smog
    "I am not easily led Despite the head I was just trying to cross the street with you I was just a step devoted But I am not easily led I'm suggestible at times, it's true But only by you I lay open jelly-limbed To"
  • Led Astray - Friction
    "We didn`t last long, Cause I did it, so the time it takes So why wrote that last song? Cause I have a lot of words to say This is a sad song, Cause I never have the heart to stay I`m walking away, The"
  • Led Astray - Sirenia
    "I go through the pages of my own life, day by day Like a dream on the horizon, they seem so lost all led astray I see them passing away These feelings inside me keep bringing me further and further down Been"
  • Led Astray - Protest The Hero
    "So much time slipped away as if it meant nothing at all - I remember that night, we didn't know it would be our last. But now as I look back, an awkward tension hung in the air. Now everything is different."
  • Led Astray - As Hope Dies
    "With the blood of millions on your hands the human race is led astray by demons disguised as angels. The human race suffocates with prophecy that tells of torment for those who do not believe in what these"

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