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Lionel Richie piosenka You Are

  • Richie Rich - Lil Romeo
    "(Romeo) Iam your idol, the highest title..numero uno. Yes i'm fresh press and i'm speaking so that you know... Can't understand I got the gift to speak, and its a blessing so listen to the lesson I preach. I"
  • Achim FULL (Hello) - Cover Lionela Richie po śląsku - Frele
    "Achim kaj żes jes jo tu siedza już za dugo na ciebie czekom fest Achim pieronie tyś mówioł że zaroz przileziesz a durś niy ma cie ty gorolu z Sosnowca wdupia ci mom dla ciebie roladaaaa kluski modro"
  • Montage Part 4 Judy Cont Greg Richie - Original Cast
    "conceived, choreographed and directed by MICHAEL BENNET book by JAMES KIRKWOOD and NICHOLAS DANTE music by MARVIN HAMLISCH lyrics by EDWARD KLEBAN FOLLOWS "Montage - Part 3 (Don, Judy, "Mother")" JUDY "
  • Just For You - Lionel Richie
    "Golden days Night was play Pain was all a world away We went to school We learned the rules We trusted all they had to say Then life took a turn We all had to learn And we cant go back again And my heart"
  • I Love You - Lionel Richie
    "Here I finally come to stand My pen and paper in hand To write to you To tell you what I feel inside To say to you I can't survive Without you For all the things I've come to see I now beleive there's"
  • Say You, Say Me - Lionel Richie
    "Say you, say me Say it for always, that's the way it should be Say you, say me Say it together, naturally I had a dream I had an awesome dream People in the park playing games in the dark And what they"
  • Don't Wanna Lose You - Lionel Richie
    "You know it's taken a long time to realize How much I love to be with you Times are hard, spirits weak Everything seems to be going wrong Outlook's bleak You know I fooled around playing the field That's"
  • Don't You Ever Go Away - Lionel Richie
    "Hey, can you tell my heart is aching You, It's only you that's on my mind I, I can not fight this feeling Now, now I know why love is blind From the top of my world to the bottom of my heart Just the"
  • Just To Be With You Again - Lionel Richie
    "So I still walk on through the night and through the rain I would give it all Just to be with you again It's a lonely road For my heart is still in chains But I live my life just to be with you again We"
  • Just To Be Close To You - Lionel Richie
    "Just to be close to you girl Just for a moment, well just for an hour Just to be close to you girl Oh well ah baby aw You know I've been thru so many changes in my life girl Aw I've been up real high"

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