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Lip yachty

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Lip yachty
  • Michael Franks Lip Service
    "Here we are again That fatal combination I guess it's opposite attraction It's gone too far again This crazy conversation It's like a nuclear reaction Lady your lip service has no rival Don't you know"
  • Deacon Blue Cut Lip
    "15 books in Different covers Winter comes in Many colours Kids toys broken glasses Elvis live in Vegas He's still turning All the worthless things We're paying in Pounds of sugar Here it comes Blankets"
  • Thea Gilmore Lip Reading
    "Spare me the psycho babble, the mental rub-down For the third time today I put his record on I caught this ailment on the rebound I'm looking for another one Just listen to the DJ and follow the instruction Yeah,"
  • M!styc Lip Gloss
    "Is Poppin-Poppin-Poppin-Poppin What You Kno Bout Me, What Cha, What Cha Know Bout Me I Said My Lip Gloss Is Cool, My Lip Gloss Be Poppin I'm Standing At My Locker, And All The Boys Keep Stoppin What"
  • Lil Mama Lip Gloss
    "Hello? Yeah, (it's poppin, it's poppin,) Okay, yeah, (it's poppin, it's poppin.) I gotta ask 'em, 'cause if I don't, (it's poppin, it's poppin,) I don't know, (it's poppin, it's poppin.) Chorus: What"
  • Lil' Mama Lip Gloss
    "Its poppin (4) What you know bout me What you what you know bout me What you know bout me What you what you know They say my lip gloss is cool My lip gloss be poppin I'm standing at my locker and"
  • Big D And The Kids Table Dirt Lip
    "shave it off! well i see too many of them walking around dirt on their face no hair to be found well they walk in malls and they walk in packs dirt on their lip and we can't have that, smoke look rough,"
  • Elvis Costello Lip Service
    "You left the motor running. But I know you're so attractive. Getting in some sharp practice. You better not do anything reckless. But everybody is going through the motions. Everybody is going through"
  • Lorene Drive Lip Service
    "I'll try and cover all the bases Something to really kill my reputation All buttoned up, ready to go Forget tonight, forget everything you know A little light weight lip service To get me through the night I'm"
  • Louis Prima The lip
    "Down on the Mississippi River in a knockdo* diveI met a trumpet playin' character and Man alive!When he began to rip, he really played it from the hipAnd when I asked about his name, they told me, "That's"

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