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London Grammar - Hey Now

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London Grammar - Hey Now
  • AJ McLean London
    "When I wake up in the sunlight And look into your eyes And I hold you for a little while And I see behind your smile I remember how beautiful I used to think you are Now the only love that meant something"
  • Tangerine Dream London
    "Artist: Tangerine Dream Song: London Album: Tyger LONDON (poem of William Blake [1757-1827]) I wander thro' each charter'd street Near where the charter'd Thames does flow, And mark in every face I meet Marks"
  • Bananarama Hey Young London
    "Hey, young London, you're looking good Dressing up like you know you should Hey, young London, you're the brightest star So you ride about got to get that far Well, I've read your face and seen your place And"
  • London Grammar Big Picture
    "Love, what did you do to me? My only hope is to let life stretch out before me And break me on this lonely road I’m made of many things But I’m not what you’re made of Only now do I see the big picture But"
  • The Bear Quartet Grammar
    "this is how me and my friends from school were determined to settle the score with you 'cause you offered money in return for sex with a ten year old who were smart enough to come and tell us we went to"
  • Jamie Lynn Spears Hey now, hey now
    "Hey now, hey now What's the matter with you? Girls just wanna have fun now Come on... I come home in the morning light My mother says when you gonna live your life right Oh mother dear we're not the fortunate"
  • Talking Heads Hey Now
    "I wanna bicycle I wanna popsicle I wanna space face Buy me a cherry face now Hey now! Hey now! Hey now now! Hey now! Hey now! Hey now now! I wanna video I wanna rock and roll Take me to the shopping"
  • Matt And Kim Hey Now
    "Sometimes you just make me loose my mind Or sometimes you just make me loose my mind But if you died I'd die right by your side Yeah, if you died I'd die right by your side Hey now, hey now, hey now girl Hey"
  • Amy Grant Hey Now
    "Hey now, I will be praying for you Hey now, you're gonna pray for me 'Cause what we have been through together Is changing us now, can change us forever Hey now, I'm gonna pray for you Hey now, you're"
  • Carl Thomas Hey now
    "Hey now, hey now You are so wonderful And I would give anything Hey now, hey now I would do anything To be in your arms You are so wonderful, yeah Hey now, hey now 1 - Baby I was thinking we could spend"

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