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Maite perroni

  • Ave Maria - Maite Perroni
    "Ave Maria, madre de amor y de bondad Alumbra mi alma se mi guia Madre mia, de mi ten piedad Solo Tu podras mis pesares calmar ...mis pesares calmar Amarte madre es mi consuelo Amarte siempre y cada vez"
  • Tu y yo - Maite Perroni
    "Así que nada es suficiente y que yo soy la que miente, y que todo tú me diste, que tú siempre me quisiste, que tú nunca hiciste nada, que soy yo la que te hace sufrir. Y le dices a la gente que me buscas,"
  • Adicta - Maite Perroni
    "Adicta a lo que tu me das En cada beso quiero más Una dosis más sería letal No importa no quiero parar. Adicta a lo que tu me das Con cada noche quiero más Tu cuerpo a mi me va a matar No importa no"
  • Mi pecado - Maite Perroni feat. Reik
    "Este es mi pecado, cul es el tuyo? Mi pecado eres t. Mi destino ya estaba sellado contigo, y el corazón te entregu. Y aunque el mundo intentó separar los caminos, nunca olvid Tus caricias marcaron mi piel y"
  • We can love - Maite Kelly
    "We were so young We were so wrong But boy did it feel better else We've sworn our love We've sworn our faith And then life took us apart and Told us what it had to say So we danced And we laughed and we"
  • Had about enough - Maite Kelly
    "I know it's hard for you sometimes I've had about enough, about to give it up I know they've slained you, they scorned you but You never stroke them back, you always kept your eyes Into mine, eyes into"
  • If it's all about dying - Maite Kelly
    "You say you don't need anybody else For the world has gone astray You sterlise all your fears And promising to never open up yourself to anybody else again How long do you wanna go on laughing but not"
  • In the arms - Maite Kelly
    "If you put me into this world, show me the meaning Show me the reason and who I truly am Well, I thank you, I bow to you, you opened up my heart You brought me here and through you, a life has begun In"
  • What can I say - Maite Kelly
    "Oh I'm waiting, yes I'm waiting for you Some think I'm crazy to love you like I do But I just let them talk their ways Well what can I say, I love you in ways That are better left unsaid What can I do,"
  • What have I done - Maite Kelly
    "So you try to live a life It's got you turning rounds as the years go by They say you can't love one back It's too late your caught, and there's no way getting out What have I done, oh baby What have I"

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