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Mandy manilow

  • Barry Manilow - Barry Manilow
    "All the time I thought There's only me. Crazy in a way That no one else could be. I would have given everything I owned If someone would have said "You're not alone." All the time I thought That I was"
  • Oh Mandy! - The Spinto Band
    "I got a gnome in the backyard I put him right on the X mark he's supposed to show me where the money is hey wont you show me where the money is I got it all on the back of my hand I want your answer so"
  • Me & Mandy - Example
    "You're a bitch, you switched You constantly changed, every day you were stranger Monday – fun day, Tuesday – booze day Wednesday slagging me off to your friends-day Thursday, oy, fuck Thursday Called me"
  • Mandy Lane - Chad Mitchell Trio
    "Theres a sundown girl, her name is Mandy Lane Shes a free-livin mama on a high-level plane Gentleman calls at her front gate You can hear him holler both early and late Keep on truckin mama, truckin till"
  • Mandy (John Stevens) - American Idol
    "I remember all my life Raining down as cold as ice Shadows of a man A face through a window Crying in the night The night goes into Morning, just another day Happy people pass my way Looking in their"
  • MANDY IS TWO - Billie Holiday
    "Fulton McGrath / Johnny Mercer Mandy is two You ought to see her eyes of cornflower blue They really look as it they actually knew That she's a big girl now Mandy is two You ought to see how many things"
  • I'm Mandy, Fly Me - 10CC
    "Just like a rolling stone I'm outside looking in But if your chance came would you take it Where on earth do I begin I'm Mandy fly me ... I've often heard her jingle It's never struck a chord With a"
  • Mandy, Make Up Your Mind - Louis Armstrong
    "Mandy! Mandy! Make up your mind! Preacher man is handy, Mandy, easy to find. Marching down the aisle with you, we'll make them all stare. With a little Black-Eyed Susan stuck in your hair. Mandy, Mandy,"
  • In The Cantina (Barry Manilow - Copacabana) - Song Parodies
    "(copyright Steven Cavanagh 1993-2002) His name was Solo, he was a smuggler He flew the Falcon everywhere, with a two-meter lump of hair he was in trouble, he owed to Jabba he had to fix his credit"
  • Mandy Goes To Med School - The Dresden Dolls
    "I've been feeling dull as a coat hanger Pretty as a picture of a patient on a fresh iv Giddy as a gangbanger with a set of sutures where his magic johnson ought to be Yes i'll tell you just the thing"

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