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  • Close To You - Marti Pellow
    "time was never on our side beauty reaches for the light from the shadow of your smile into my heart there's a flower in my field you know holding love up like a shield now I know we have it sealed"
  • Minas poli ( Eurovision 1990 ) - Anastazio Haris
    "The xero pos na s' agapiso The xero pos na su to po The xero ti na su hariso Ti thromo pia na perpato Pu tha me vgali i istoria mu me sena Oso s' akolutho? Milas poli, zitas pola Vres ena tropo"
  • Did You Ever Wake Up - Marti Pellow
    "Do you ever wake up thinking "All in life is well" Do you ever wake up dreaming? And then you fell Do you ever need for sweeter All in life is fine Aid you ever wake up shaking, shaking Wake me up and"
  • I've Been Around The World - Marti Pellow
    "I remember when we used to sit And wish our dreams would come true I remember when you used to cry And I would help ease your pain Maybe if I hadnt gone when I did, girl We would be together and Id be"
  • Moment Of Truth - Marti Pellow
    "Hey you - where you gonna go to When I'm gone? Are you going to ask me To carry on When your not around Hang on - maybe there's a reason Not to go - could there be an answer I don't know Maybe when we"
  • She Can Lean On Me - Marti Pellow
    "She, She may be tender She may be weak But in my arms She can be free Free of all worry Released from the pain She may be tender She can lean on me She can call my name She can share the darkness In the"
  • The Missing Sound - Marti Pellow
    "The notes in my life Were so out of time Then you came to me And not a moment too soon Now the song I sing Has a reason or a rhyme...oh baby You've filled in my parts That I never seemed to find You are"
  • All I Ever Wanted - Marti Pellow
    "I don't trust you You've let me down before So why must you choose To still ignore My tears and my words Are not being heard And I don't love you anymore I don't want you You've heard it all before And"
  • I Will Always Be There - Niki Haris
    "Thougt our time alone was short I still hear the birds sing We may never have the time to see what love, to see what love can bring. Oh my love I just wanna make you mine. I recall the night we met"
  • H.T.H.D.T.G.T. (How The Hell Did They Get There) - Wet Wet Wet
    "Yeah Yeah Baby, baby, come on keep it up I found myself at the drugstore, Baby rapping with my funky friends Shed tears of joy for a soul of sadness, ah ah My mind was made up now baby But my mouth"

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