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  • Rude Awakening - Wckr Spgt
    "Let's bring up the family in our own way. We can make the rules ourselves. We need no Oxen, sheep or lamb unless we want them (ham). We can make the rules ourselves. Girl: "Quickly wake up, Dr. Rude. It"
  • Strictly Rude - Big D And The Kids Table
    "See her in the city and say Oo she's got a lovely way True, she don't want to play She has you going your way I pop no style I'm strictly rude I pop no style I'm strictly Se her in the club and you call"
  • Rude Boy - Rihanna
    "CHORUS: Come here rude boy, boy Can you get it up Come here rude boy, boy Is you big enough Take it, take it Baby, baby Take it, take it Love me, love me (2 x) Tonight I'mma let you be the captain"
  • Rude Boy - Leila K
    "This one's dedicated to all them rude boys Advance, flow down the line Shoot no dog, just have a good time! Ring the alarm, kick up a stamp Jump up, jump up to the break of dawn Ring the alarm, kick"
  • Rude Philosophy - Headhunter
    "Did you ever feel empty, useless and alone? No idea why're you frustrated to the bone Take a look at the future, there's no light Can you make a difference Between wrong and right? Who is to blame for"
  • Rude Awakening - Michael Schenker Group
    "(Music: M. Schenker / Lyrics & Melodies: K. Keeling) You know I tried to trust you You know I really tried But when I turn my back on you baby In goes the knife You think you got them blinded Claiming"
  • Rude Drzewa - Muzyka Ko
    "za oknem rude drzewa rosną w jesienny chłód; dziś dużo nam nie trzeba, herbaty z ciepłych słów; ref; pod kołdrą z liści jeżyk z jabłkiem śpi, malujesz szminką usta, na policzkach tusz, zejdź na dół bo"
  • Rude Awakening - Nostromo
    "Let it bleed cause it shuts the doors the same doors you thought slammed in your face does bleed you've just thrown yourself against what you did hate them for makes you bleed makes you proud warns you"
  • Rude Awakening - Prong
    "Another rude awakening The hard life that's been our school More of a cruel day's reckonings Our prime time used up too soon There is no kindness to waste Why help those crying for more? It spins you"
  • Rude Awakening - Thousand Foot Krutch
    "Im just a pilot here and things not always as they seem, try a little bit harder now little bit harder than before, And I think that this might be the day that nobody Nobody comes home and I supposed"

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