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Molotov Jukebox

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Molotov Jukebox
  • Molotov Eternamente Molotov Ac
    "Si alguna vez te her fue sin quererte Compr unos tennis para que los cuelgues Descansa en pants Unas calmadas para que le bailes Quebraditas para que te quiebres Te puedo hacer pinoles si tu quieres Eres"
  • Ani DiFranco Jukebox
    "in the jukebox of her memory the list of names flips by and stops she closes her eyes and smiles as the record drops then she drinks herself up and out of her kitchen chair and she dances out of time as"
  • Adamantium Molotov Solution
    "I'll burn the fucker down, then wait to watch the fire spread. Millions look on, as I end what you've claimed yours. I won't remain silent forever, eterrnity deafens the masses. These screams of protest"
  • Fall Rebellious jukebox
    "I'm searching for the nowI'm looking for the real thing, yeahHead through a blue hazeWaiting for the musical crazeWe gotta taxi for Mr. NelsonTaxi for Mr. NelsonRebellious Jukebox yeahRebellious Jukebox,"
  • The Fall Rebellious Jukebox
    "I'm searching for the now I'm looking for the real thing, yeah Head through a blue haze Waiting for the musical craze We gotta taxi for Mr. Nelson Taxi for Mr. Nelson Rebellious Jukebox yeah Rebellious"
  • Chestnutt Mark Brother Jukebox
    "Chestnutt Mark Miscellaneous Brother Jukebox Brother Jukebox -- Mark Chestnutt ----------------------------------- CHORUS: ] Brother jukebox ] Sister wine ] Mother freedom ] Father of time ] Since she"
  • Sandi Thom Human Jukebox
    "Walter the war hero he's there from opening till time, time, time There's Mary the housewife who's slumped at the bar drinkin' wine, wine, wine They get Kylie on a wednesday, the Stones on a friday, bob"
  • Ernest Tubb Mr. Jukebox
    "The jujekox just told my life story told it in the words of a song So I'll have another drink to the jukebox and one to the man that wrote the song So hear Mr Jukebox please take my last dime Tell me the"
  • Chesnutt Mark Brother Jukebox
    "Brother Jukebox -- Mark Chestnutt ----------------------------------- CHORUS: ] Brother jukebox ] Sister wine ] Mother freedom ] Father of time ] Since she left me, by myself ] You're the only familee,"
  • Beautiful South, The Hidden Jukebox
    "Beautiful South, The Miaow Hidden Jukebox (heaton/rotheray) Hey church i was thinking The third world seems to be sinking Can't you all get over there And we'll have them all over here And you can learn"

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