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Nicolette Larson

  • Shoebox - Brie Larson
    "I kept your picture in my shoebox (3x) Right now is all we need 'Cuz this feels pretty good And I would stop the world Just to give us more time I kept your photograph and sometimes I take a look"
  • Falling Into History - Brie Larson
    "It don't matter what people say I never did believe Them I no I no they know everything I'll be Alright by my self and no one's gonna tell me I'm To fine confined by love Never did seem strange I"
  • Done With Like - Brie Larson
    "Never thought I could feel So complete without your face And your plastic diamond rings But there's a man who cannot see Driving in his Mercury Here beside these pointless things I'm too young"
  • Loser In Me - Brie Larson
    "My alarm starts to ring and I know Gotta get up out of bed Even though I'd rather stay here instead Drag a comb through my hair I don't care That my clothes don't even match Cuz today I'm not gonna worry"
  • Finally Out Of P.E. - Brie Larson
    "I'm late again Got a lower grade today than yesterday You hate me That's why you don't care what I have to say And I try But my running sucks And I try But I hate doing gym class I, I play guitar"
  • She Shall Remain Nameless - Brie Larson
    "I guess you got it figured out You got it sorted in little rows You got the girls on one side, The guys on the other It's all out of control How could you feel so threatened By someone you like to ignore We"
  • She Said - Brie Larson
    "Yeah, she said (she said) Get outta my way cause I'm goin' somewhere This is not where I wanna be You can say what you want You can tell me I'm wrong La dee da, La dee dee Get off of my back, stop"
  • Invisible Girl - Brie Larson
    "I don't think you know my name I'm the invisible girl Trapped in thoughts about me and u I don't know where to take this Can u give me a clue, what should i do And I'm standing here, patiently And I'm"
  • Go Goodbye - Brie Larson
    "Why does it always seem That u and I go between Some kind of love and hate One minute it seems right Next a big, big fight What a confusing state We've got to accept That it's not meant to be I'm letting"
  • Ugly - Brie Larson
    "My insides are turning inside out Leaving my heart, my flaws all hanging out What's so interesting about little ol me All I see inside is so ordinary I can't look at myself I can't find nothing special"

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