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  • Mystereality (1980) - Omd
    "Mystereality It's not the same game anymore A-nor the time or the places before You don't know, you don't know, you don't know If you see me you'll be asking It's always take take take take take take"
  • 2nd Thought - Omd
    "And all the order in our lives Left some time ago Along the way We are the ones who never cry Like we don't care Today Me at home and you out there And on your way It's gone so far and now it seems It's"
  • Enola Gay - Omd
    "Enola Gay, you should have stayed at home yesterday Ah-ha words can't describe the feeling and the way you lied These games you play they're going to end in more than tears some day Ah-ha Enola Gay it"
  • Motion And Heart - Omd
    "Everything is as it should be From motion and heart to the scenery From make do and mend to the new Paris trend You said that you learnt but it happens again What's a heart that refuses to be Fortunes"
  • Promise - Omd
    "A change of mind has moved around Takes me back to when we met Forever moved a promise kept This all implies I don't believe how this would be for To be with you Watching your eyes I can see it in your"
  • Stanlow - Omd
    "Eternally This field remains Stanlow No heart or head or mind No season could erase We set you down To care for us Stanlow A vision fading fast A million hearts to one But so restrained She turns away Stanlow I've"
  • Statues - Omd
    "The way you moved I can't explain The mood subsides And grows again I've lived alone I've held a hand I've tried to care And understand What is faith And when belief And who knows how These things deceive I"
    "Save it for the next time Hands over my head Faintest sound of lightning Faintest sound I heard I'll never, No, No I'll never... All around my body All around my feet Please they are watching now Placed"
    "where we're going heaven knows {we're} lost and falling and it shows and I know you won't believe me and I know it won't seem right and I beg you just to leave me when we'd argue and we'd fight but even"
    "I love and hate you at the same time I need you don't need you is that such a crime I wouldn't walk down the road to say goodbye I couldn't give you up to some other guy I wouldn't do anything that you"

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