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  • Pretty Fin - Pati Yang
    "Come here and seat down on my arm, butterfly Show me your wings, I'll show you how to get high I know it's late And you wanna leave But if you decide to stay You'll make my day Let's have a party on the"
  • Giant Cat Woman - Pati Yang
    "Did you see your angel? Did you see The one pouring dust over you shoulder When you cried, the city cried The lights went off the day before All papers called That your tears went missing And therefore From"
  • Switch Off The Sun - Pati Yang
    "This morning's been cruel to me again And even my bed is cold Naked I seat down and break in tears So hysterical Tearing off the pillows of past I bet all neighbours have heard me before Can't beat another"
  • 1986 - Pati Yang
    "There was something in the sky that day I remember Prisoners around got scared at once Collisions of hunger spread in cause of rain For once empty shops filled with Feared human beings And someone said: (Holly"
  • Air Stands Still - Pati Yang
    "Air stands still And I can't move Time has stopped At one look through Colours fade the walls out loud Something inside me says I am still waiting for the hurricane And where is the missing piece? You"
  • 19:53 (North west) - Pati Yang
    "This time it was summerand the planet grew upwardsThe steam, the horizonbefore the snowbefore the endless winterwithin the heat waveAgainst the walls, against the ashes of thosewho didn't find the shadow"
  • Reverse the day - Pati Yang
    "This song was meant to hurtWas meant to beAbout the broken worldIn a broken girlThese wordsI found written on my windowBy the L the lipstick deadI thought I've seen her cryingI thought she ran too fastI"
  • Soul for me - Pati Yang
    "I've heard magic through the doorHalf stairs upI stopped: too fastMaybe the key will turnFour white walls and only one echoI guess I talk to myself againWith tens of voicesSchizoframedSoul for me a littleBefore"
  • Unquiet - Pati Yang
    "The sun says that this is for my goodOnly till I am back insideLicking wounds until I can see throughThis shadeless heartAnd clouds in shape of youI am the unquietMinutes are hoursI cry hardTo make you"
  • 19 53 (NorthWest) - Pati Yang
    "This time it was summer and the planet grew upwards The steam the horizon before the snow before the endless winter within the heat wave Against the walls against the ashes of those who didn't find the"

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