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Reamonn Head In My Hands

  • All in my head - Nick Lachey
    "Satellites blasting through the universe It's outta sight It's all in my head Saw your eyes sending me a message for the last time Here alone Holding on to something that I've never known It's all"
  • Living In My Head - Lockjaw
    "In dark times when you feel All alone There seems to be no light To scare the demons It’s getting heavy now Thoughts engage My hands begin to shake As I brace myself for Living in my head Take comfort"
  • Here, In My Head - Amos Tori
    "Amos Tori Miscellaneous Here, In My Head In my head, I found you There and running around And following me But, you don't know, haunting there But i find That i have now More than i ever wanted to So"
  • All In My Head - Radio Iodine
    "Was it all in my head, the ugly things, you said to me Now it's all in my hands, do I want to be what you want me to be Tell me what would you do if I snapped you in two If I drove you into the ground Tell"
  • Here, in my head - Tori Amos
    "In my head I found you there And running around and following me But you don't dare But I find that I have, now, more Than I ever wanted to So maybe thomas jefferson wasn't born In your backyard like you"
  • Hammering In My Head - Garbage
    "I'm stressed but you're freestyle I'm overworked but I'm undersexed I must be made of concrete I sign my name across your chest Give out the same old answers I trot them out for the relatives Company tried"
  • Living In My Head - Canibus
    "The iron clad nomad, don't rip off the whole jam When I leave, the audience hold hands Canibus ya'll, get with the program Everytime my throat expand I get 4 grand Out for the dough man, Imma no brand 30"
  • Into My Hands - The Church
    "I take love into my hands Journey back to winterland Cut my losses, grow my hair See some man to take me there As it gets so uncertain When the girl gets too near It's never as good as I hoped Or as bad"
  • Tie My Hands - You're Pretty
    "Here I sit Laughing at the wrong thing Waiting for someone to notice me You found me Just in time to lose me From my self and all I held on to I need you to believe Wait I have a lot of things to say About"
  • Head creeps - Alice In Chains
    "No more time just one more time so crazy, beat the strain too lazy, shake the gray so, and she willed the rain so let me be defamed your redundancy stains tired of infantile claims like puppets on their"

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