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Ryan Adams Somehow Someday

  • Out Somehow - Gufs
    "Someday I want to find Others I leave behind And for a second or two We can work it out somehow Out somehow Some days I want to try Others just pass me by And for a second or two We can work it out somehow Everything"
  • Somewhere somehow - Opus
    "You take my heart - You take my soul Bewitch my friends with a little innocent smile You gotta hold on my affections And theres no way to hide them from you for a while Baby - Im so excited about you Baby"
  • Someday - DJ's @ Work
    "Reach to my Hand Reach to my Hand Reach to my Hand I follow you to Promised Land somewhere, somehow and someday The Time is right Hold me in your arms tonight somewhere, somehow and someday Reach to my"
  • Someday - Bob Seger
    "Someday, I know I'll find that road And I, will pay back all I've owed Somehow, I'll bear that heavy load Someday I know, I've never been the best Never quite kept up with the rest But someday you'll"
  • Someday - Dean Martin
    "I note that someday you'd want me to want you When I'm in love with somebody else You expect me to be true and to keep on loving you Though I'm feeling blue You'd think I can't forget you Until someday"
  • Someday - Patsy Cline
    "Written by J. Hodges (As recorded by Jim Reeves, December 19, 1958) I know that someday you'll want me to want you When I'm in love with somebody else You expect me to be true, and keep on loving you Tho'"
  • Someday - Guy
    "I got something to tell everybody out there Sometimes you may feel like life have you in bondage You don't know which way to turn And you just feel like deep down inside God, you have to help me But take"
  • Someday - Nickelback
    "How the hell did we wind up like this? Why weren't we able, to see the signs that we missed And try turn the tables I wish you'd unclench your fists, and unpack your suitcase Lately there's been too much"
  • Someday - Alcazar
    "Now there's a rumor around the world That every man, woman, boy, and girl He and she, you and me, we will all be so free I know together we'll work it out We're gonna vote for liberty For every color,"
  • Someday - Ash
    "Someday we'll leave this town It wears us down We'll leave somehow All its harm and all its charms Oh someday Someday we'll leave behind All this time That has turned sour Far behind, out of mind Oh someday Someday"

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