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Savanah dexter

  • No One Knows - Dexter Freebish
    "It's been one of those days when the sky falls down And the world around me comes crumbling down I'm picking up the pieces of the life that you left behind I've got a million of her lies swimming in my"
  • Pretty People - Dexter Freebish
    "I cannot help it that im so good lookin I cannot help it that I have the perfect body yes everywhere I go I get all the attention I get my looks despite divine intervention we are the pretty people you"
  • Prozak (Be Like Me) - Dexter Freebish
    "I'm gonna spend another night all by myself Like a loser on the outside looking in No one cares if I disappear and don't come back Cause the only friends I have are in my head And I know that I'm alive"
  • Save Me - Dexter Freebish
    "Some days I need to change my world One desire fills this empty void Tonight I wanna be saved by love I wanna be lost in you I've fallen from the tops of mountains to the ground I've shaken off the sands"
  • Spotlight - Dexter Freebish
    "your the one they want, so give them what they need a temporary tuch, feelin so ashamed, dont wana take tha blame, thinkin its to much, CHORUS: so now you got a taste, of what its like to be, living the"
  • Tomorrow - Dexter Freebish
    "To all that came before me To all that left their mark To all that tried and failed so To all that now are gone I see myself in your words I see you in my smile Your wisdom's like a lighthouse that guides"
  • Twilight - Dexter Freebish
    "She's got eyes like deep blue skies Reminds me of the times I've gone inside her mind When I crossed the line and I tripped into divine When she looks at you she'll take you to That hidden place that"
  • What Do You See? - Dexter Freebish
    "You wake up in the morning and clear your head You sometimes think you'd be better off dead You drive to work in a beat up car You know where you're going but you don't know where you are You might think"
  • What I Need - Dexter Freebish
    "I cannot focus here, I cannot find my way My mind is blurred by all the things that people say I dream of bliss, I dream of heaven here on earth Won't you please set me free Cause I need love and I need"
  • Wild Things - Dexter Freebish
    "Late night, neon hotels That's where the wild things are Next door, you think that you're safe That's where the wild things are Lock yourself inside Maybe you'll find peace tonight Don't run away From"

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