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Sereno drupi

  • Serena - Duncan Sheik
    "So what, life's rough You should get over yourself Like everyone else and enjoy The girls and the boys And everything in between Serena, in an effort to aviod The things that annoy you You hide-far, far"
  • Serene - Hearts Of Black Science
    "Fake it again Take the world in your hands Just walk away Nothing left to say Shout now my love It's salvation day Echoes in our hearts Once we were in love Walking drifting away The beauty lies deep"
  • Serene Dream - Kidneythieves
    "serene dream soft easy winter watering the dry spots on the day water leaves of gray serene dream spend nowhere with me isn't far to nowhere rise and feel the bomb of fountains land close your eyes in"
  • Oh Serena - The Distillers
    "oh serena. i know what theyre saying about you. they all say its a resistance. they all say that ya didnt listen. well they all have scars on their eyes, its true. night and day is like a haunted replay. i"
  • Serene dream - Kidney Thieves
    "Serene dreamsoft easy winterwatering the dry spots on the daywater leaves of grayserene dreamspend nowhere with meisn't far to nowhererise and feel the bomb of fountains landclose your eyes in front of"
  • Serena Hides - Bracket
    "Serena Hides behind a face That isn't really hers She always tries a different way To put time in reverse I wonder what it is that she's hiding from She's passed on all her friends When will her crying"
  • Serene Image - Flesh Field
    "They say you can be defined, That the parts make up the sum. You are not simply what you do. I am not only what I've done. We fell from grace only recently, So I hid my face to keep my sanity. This plague,"
  • Venus And Serena - Super Furry Animals
    "Son: Father, father I have sinned I dunno where to begin Give me words of advice Ill save em up for a clear day. Father: Keep your eye upon the ball Write your thoughts upon the wall Theres some words"
  • Hachigatsu No Serena-do - Suga Shikao
    "moshimo kimi ga inakunatte shimattara tatoeba neko ya imomushi ni natte shimattara mesomeso to naku yo demo sono uchi tsugou no ii neta ni shite shimau kamo nee dakara kyou wa sou itsumo yori nagai denwa"
  • Once I Was A Serene Teenaged Child - Frida Hyv
    "Once I was a serene teenaged child Once I felt your cock against my thigh You said you were a poet, man your poetry wasn't obvious to me when you said I had the Stuff that drove you Wild but the feeling"

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