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Shame, omd

  • Shame - PJ Harvey
    "I don't need no lasso I don't need no ball and chain I don't need anything with you Such a shame, shame, shame Shame, shame, shame Shame is the shadow of love You changed my life We were as green as grass And"
  • Shame - SHeDAISY
    "(Kristyn Osborn) Shame, shame, shame Shoulda let it go too far Shame, shame, shame Should've opened up my heart Well, there you go in the wrong direction Here I am right where I've always been Typical,"
  • Shame - Twelfth Night
    "(Andy Sears) pray-- dream breaker faith healer-- shame--who can excuse you shame--we don't include you shame--and if we choose to shame--we will accuse you shame--who'll understand you when it comes to"
  • Shame - Agnetha F
    "Agnetha Faltskog Miscellaneous Shame It doesn't matter what you say, I don't believe you anyway, Talking love is easy when it's new. Slow down don't move so fast, This feeling may not last, I've been wrong"
  • Shame - Linda Perry
    "Driving my car, didn't get far, Stopped to cry. Man on the street asked me so sweet... are you alright? No I'm okay seemed to've misplaced my life. And it's shame, shame please don't ask me why. And it's"
  • Shame - Jimmy Eat World
    "Is it dark yet outside? I'm through hiding tonight Take from the rest, your debt erased Sleep with my curse and feel no shame No shame It might take you all night But you'll love me with time Take from"
  • Shame - Drowning Pool
    "Straight through you I burn, I burn My tongue rhymes one thing, for eager ears to hold on to You know I'll lie again You know I'll try again My words, ripping, tearing, straight through you I, I turn"
  • Shame - Embraze
    "Shame, my only feeling Shame, of dirty memories We hide and the words hurt more Like a slap on my face Pain takes over my mind When shame fills up the room Where is your love when devil is in your heart Shame,"
  • Shame - Eurythmics
    "Now there's a lifestyle With painted lips Now there's a lifestyle Everybody wants it But it don't exist And I said shame... In the dancehalls and the cinema Shame On the TV and the media Shame We loved"
  • Shame - matchbox twenty
    "what we learned here is love tastes bitter when it's gone past yourself forget the light, things look dirty when it's on funny how it comes to pass that all the good slips away and there's no one around"

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