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Taiwan 4f

  • Suburban king - Pat Benatar
    "The alarm clock rings but you don't move But the wife gets up and puts on her uniform You hear her in the bathroom Cause she's got that nagging cough You put your head under the pillow To forget you've"
  • African - Peter Tosh
    "Don't care where you come from As long as you're a black man You're an African ''Chorus:'' No mind your nationality You have got the identity of an African 'Cause if you come from Clarendon And if you"
  • Corner Of My World - Jeff Finlin
    "Used to want Taiwan and Mozambique And Katmandu to lay right at my feet I thought living on the Amazon would be real fine You know I couldn't get to sleep till I made the world mine But now I'm alright,"
  • Falling - Alison Moyet
    "She said something like I want to go down where the rivers wild He said take me then I want to drown deep in your violent eyes I want to float in through your door Hang it on the wall hang it all But"
  • I Hate Punk Rock - The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches
    "I hate punk rock. I hate your shoes, I hate your crews. I hate you. Let's pop another bottle of Olde-E brew. Let's stab some safety pins into the side of our ears. Punk's been dead for almost 20 years. You"
  • Str?mling - Bjelleklang
    "Strmling- hva skjuler du for meg, under din lave panne? En slags mystikk- ditt slve blikk- en strmling? Saglvas brune mkkabnn syns i ditt dype ye, for en romanse kom skal vi danse, spr meg n? Som sauen"
  • Yakko's World - Animaniacs
    "And now the nations of the world, brought to you by Yakko Warner United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama Haiti, Jamaica, Peru Republic Dominican, Cuba, Carribean Greenland, El Salvador too Puerto Rico, Columbia,"
  • Talk Dirty (feat. 2 Chainz) - Jason Derulo
    "{Jason, ha ha Jason Derulo… Ha, ha Get jazzy on me} I’m the flight that you get on, international First class seat on my lap girl Riding comfortable, cause I know what the girl them need New york to Haiti,"
  • Talk Dirty / Can't Hold Us - Little Mix
    "Leigh-anne I'm that flight that you get on International First class seat on my lap girl Riding comfortable 'Cause I know what the girls them need New York to Haiti I got lipstick stamps on my passport You"
  • For America - Red Box
    "deviate to contemplate this audio visual opiate one hundred years from now title fights and human rights we're satellites - you're parasites hey yah ya! now I've got to tell you that I've been down"

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