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Victoria kern

  • Victoria - Old 97's
    "This is the story of Victoria Lee, She started off on Percodan and ended up with me. She lived in Berkeley 'til the earthquake shook her loose. She lives in Texas now where nothin' ever moves. Victoria"
  • Victoria - Ryan Kulla
    "Talking on the phone So we won't be alone Is the best thing we can do Your voice has a tone That puts me in the zone And reminds me how my feelings grew Will you be suprised When you look in my eyes And"
  • Victoria - One Man Army
    "Last Time In Victoria It Was Three Am Ain't No One Near It Was Me And You In The City Lights On The Outside Sharing Lines And Empty Bottles Of Good Time For The Last Time In Victoria Tonight"
  • Victoria - Nazareth
    "Victoria, Victoria I could love you for a hundred years And still want more of ya! It's been a long time now since high school days But when I'm with you, darling you still amaze me No one could ever"
  • Victoria - Electrosy
    "When I die, I don't want anyone to know that I fell in love with you I was nine and you were ten, it was true love way back then from the moment I set eyes on you Oh Victoria, where are you now If"
  • Victoria - KaeN
    "Premiera piosenki KaeNa zatytułowanej "Victoria" będzie mieć miejsce 21 grudnia 2016 roku. Do utworu powstało wideo, które zostanie zaprezentowane na kanele ProstoTV. Piosenka to kolejny singel z albumu"
  • Victoria - Liesbeth List
    "In zijn fluwelen bellenpak Zingt op de kermis Harlekijn Zijn baas loopt met de centenbak En houdt zijn aapje aan de lijn De mensen kijken naar het spel En luisteren zwijgend naar de zang Het lied gaat"
  • Victoria - Kashmir
    "I know that you love me you hunt me down and bug me I don't think you're lovely at all you're sixty, I'm twenty you've none and I've got plenty oh, lord tell me where I can hide take your time make up"
  • Victoria - Wishing Chair
    "Her spurs were Spanish silver She wore a Crow braid in her hair I was sent there by my father To bring their stallion our best mares She said no use waiting round here I know a place where we can go So"
  • Victoria - La Puta Electrica
    "No la confundas con un espejismo De esos que pasan y no vuelven mas Tampoco hay que pegar un brinco Buscando caminos puedes resbalar Si pensaste que era un compromiso cruel No olvides los sueos de la"

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