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Zenon Laskowik beata

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Zenon Laskowik beata
  • Beata Brodzińska Beata Brodzińska - Zanim dopali się czas...
    "Ile wart jest każde z nas Ile w nas słowa człowiek Czy zatrzymamy się chociaż raz Zanim DOPALI SIĘ CZAS, Gdy spalimy mosty I w progu stanie samotność Gdy już nie będzie stać nas na sny Kto zapyta czy... Ciągle"
  • Zenon The Galaxy Is Ours
    "The Galaxy Is Ours by Proto zoa (Zenon 2 and 3) Hiding out, all alone, Laughter in my fear. Only you, see right through, Make it look so clear. A vibrate over, Rolling over, Blasting in to space, A"
  • Zenon All About You
    "All About You by Cosmic Blush (Zenon 3) I was on my own, I was doin' just fine, When you came in my life. I was into you, You were feelin' me too, It was all a good time. You turned me upside-down, Turned"
  • Garden Variety Beats
    "-------- My strings beats upon the chest My chest beats upon the heart My heart beats upon the blood My blood doesn't flow to my brain, I can tell because I'm getting cold, I haven't lived and I'm feeling"
  • The Moffatts Two Beats
    "In my room, staring at the ceiling I'm twisted by the fear I'm might lose Why me torn between the choices I'm hearing all these voices call me Will my thoughts remain as a blur Will my heart help"
  • Freestyle These Beats
    "They call me ICE TRE, Also i can rhyme all day, I keep on rhyming even during writers block, Cause yall kno i be hard like a rock, Breakin it down from block ta block, Im in ya hood breaking it down in"
  • New Buffalo 16 Beats
    "16 Beats ( About Last Night EP ) By my side And I like Where've you been Long lost angel Ride my bike So much faster Sixteen beats And I'm back with you There's a house Inside different rooms I've thought"
  • Weezer Mo Beats
    "I got mo beats than ya'll Keep fishin still seems small Is that the best that all of you can do? Now to my challengers Still think with little words You're so upset You're pissing on yourself Wombat with"
  • Kasabian Processed Beats
    "I ran from the tide won't let you hide won't let you hide I drop beats from this processed meat for a conversation a meditation and I cut waves like some unborn sage just like terrorists on a day of rest"
  • Roni Size Dirty beats
    "Chorus:Coming down new soundyou should be thankfulDirty riffs Dirty beats Dirty samplessell out show take the moneythen we cancelfrontrows-backrows getting trampledWhat, before we just left the scene aloneGot"

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