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adrenalin lpopez

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adrenalin lpopez
  • Gavin Rossdale Adrenaline
    "You don't feel the pain Too much is not enough Nobody said this stuff Makes any sense We're hooked again The point of no return See how the buildings burn Light up the night Such a pretty sight Adrenaline"
  • Junkeez Phunk Adrenaline
    "Takin a ride to the dark side Nowhere to go and got everything to hide I look in the rearview Open up my eyes to get a clear view White lines flashin And I'm tryin like hell to keep my car from crashin I'm"
  • P.O.D. Adrenaline
    "You don't feel the pain (pain pain pain) Too much is not enough Nobody said this stuff, made any sense We're hooked again The point of no retun See how the buildings burn, light up the night such a pretty"
  • CeHa Adrenalina
    "Adrenalina wzrasta, jedna z rozrywek miastasytuacja jest jasna, adrenalina wzrastaRywalizacja, walka, adrenalina rośnieniektórzy bez niej czują się żałośnieniektórzy bez niej nie potrafią żyćtrzeba swój"
  • Profane Omen Adrenaline
    "A ricochet, from the heart, my blood is rising enough to blow apart, a circulation of satisfaction, a bloodbath like the Victorians falls...FREEDOM, to rip your heart out - FREEDOM, to play the god it"
  • Don Omar Adrenalina
    "(Pilar Montemegro)esta noche no es como las demases salada como el agua del maresta noche tiene un brillo especiallo veo en yus hojos tu lo sientes igual(Don Omar)esta noche no me boy a negartu sabor es"
  • DI-RECT Adrenaline
    "Heeey I need adrenaline. go. Put it to the test What if life became a game And is your quest dropped down the drain Could you manage on your own Rather be someone you did not know I didn't know I had"
  • Pistol Grip Adrenaline
    "A neddle in the eyes, adrenaline We're falling from the skies, adrenaline Beginning of an era Kow that everbody dies, adrenaline Once upon a time someone died for my sins And now I know his name it's"
  • M-POWER Adrenalina
    "nagły skok już czuje to tak na mnie działa twoja dłoń napędza mnie unosi gdzieś pod niebo wysoko, wysoko wszystko co się w nas otwiera adrenalina nas rozpiera wszystko co się w nas buduje adrenalina to"
  • Crooked X Adrenaline
    "I'm gonna take this bad bull by the horn Even if I wind up tossed and torn Gonna do it to it all the way I'm livin' till my dyin' day I never seem to get my fill And here's my latest thrill... Fifteen"

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