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annn naklab supergirl

  • Supergirl - SheMoans
    "Look at me baby, I'm ready for tonight It's gone little crazy, let's paint the town Tight jeans and high heels, get ready to go wild If you with me now put your hands up high Supergirl Sing with me ladies Supergirl"
  • Supergirl - Krystal
    "Sometimes I have dreams I picture myself flying Above the clouds High in the sky Conquering the world With my, magic piano Never being scared But then I realize.... Chorus I am Supergirl And I'm here"
  • SuperGirl - Joey McIntyre
    "There's so much to do What ever it is you'll see it is you'll it through Baby it's your world Super girl Baby take your time You'll figure it out with your beautiful mind I'm living in your world Super"
  • Supergirl - Pezet
    "Lubię, gdy ze mną palisz fajki Słuchamy Biggi'ego i Junior M.A.F.I.I. Włączam dubstep, zapinam pasy Jedziemy przed siebie Bez celu i trasy Lubię, gdy w dzień jesteś hipsterką Nosisz sportowe majtki I"
  • Supergirl - Kashmir
    "(Demonstrations skizze)Supergirlmaybe I can't kill you offafter allsupergirlI don't want to kill you offafter allOpen handscatch the light you're afterbreathe againfill the room with laughterkill the man"
  • Supergirl - Hilary Duff
    "Who can make you madWhen your having a blastI can, I canAnd who can pick you upWhen you feelin' like you suckI can, I canAnd who knows what you thinkWithout you saying anythingI do, I doWho had you figured"
  • Superman / Supergirl - Killing Heidi
    "Superman supergirl, show me your stuff Take a bow at the world The boquet is hot Watch out superman, show me your stuff And if i didn't care Do you think i'd still be here? Do you really believe"
  • Supergirl (deutsche) - Krystal Harris
    "Manchmal trume ich Ich sehe mich wie ich ber den Wolken fliege Hoch am Himmel Ich erobere die Welt Mit meinem magischen Piano Ich hatte nie Angst Aber dann erkenne ich Refrain: Ich bin Supergirl Und ich"
  • Wicked Games (ft. Anna Naklab) - Parra For Cuva
    "The world was on fire and no one could save me but you It's strange what desire will make foolish people do I'd never dreamed that I'd meet somebody like you I'd never dreamed that I'd lose somebody like"
  • Bart's Soloperformance - Supergirl - Starmaker
    "You can tell by the way, She walks that she's my girl You can tell by the way, she talks like she rules the world. You can see in her eyes, that no one is her Chi. She's my girl, my Supergirl And then"

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