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asap rocky fashion killa

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asap rocky fashion killa
  • Dog Eat Dog Rocky
    "You're just like the kid next door Still too young and immature You always seem to hang around When you're not wanted you're always found Why do you embarrass me (why me) So everyone can see (can see) Us"
  • Big Tymers Rocky
    "(feat. Juvenile) Stay in line, bitch Get your mind right Let's go, playboy Look: I'll bat the piss out a bitch quick Oh yeah, he'll do it! I'll wilin' off that Ruby Red and Absolute Catch me hoppin'"
  • The Kingston Trio Rocky
    "Chorus: Rocky, du musst reiten durch die Weiten der Prairie. Rocky, du kommst weiter, doch nach Hause kommst du nie. Irgendwo da fiel ein Schuss im Dunkeln und dann stand ein Pferd allein am Tor. Alle"
  • Kingston Trio Rocky
    "Chorus: Rocky, you must ride through the wide prairie. Rocky, you get on, but you never get home. Somewhere there was a shot in the dark and a horse stood alone at the gate. All the girls knew who had"
  • Austin Roberts Rocky
    "Alone until my eighteenth year, we met four springs ago she was shy and had a fear of things she did not know, but we got it on together in such a super way, held each other close at night and traded"
  • Dickey Lee Rocky
    "Alone until my eighteenth year, we met four springs ago She was shy and had a fear, of things she did not know But we got it on together in such a super way We held each other close at night, and traded"
  • Ben Folds Five Rocky
    "We were in a park and I could jump so far. Seems that all I'd ever done, is smoking pot out in the car. And this fear faded in, my old school. He says "Ben, we both know you're a saint, I've"
  • Catch 22 Rocky
    "please go away. won't you leave me alone? i'm just so drunk and miserable. you started with me, you started with me. [2x] what's it gonna be? what are ya gonna say to set it all off? it doesn't take much"
  • Heidi Montag Fashion
    "Red One! HEIDI! Ohhh Ohhh La La La We Love Designer I am, I'm too fabu-lous I'm so fierce that it's so nuts I live, to be model thin Dress me, I'm your manne-quin J'adore Vivienne I really"
  • The Robocop Kraus Fashion
    "Don't you be hysterical I know it ain't identical When you don't belong to anything To anyone It is fantastic! Super! Don't you be hysterical I know we have to get used to it It is fashion We have to get"

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