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conversation between our hearts

  • Let's Put Our Hearts Together - The Beach Boys
    "I don't wanna tell you that I care for you And have you just ignore me It's better that I wait and see just how you feel And maybe you'll adore me I know you've had so much experience That you don't need"
  • Our hearts - Eyes Set To Kill
    "Only holding onis this what you want?is this what you want?dreams are falling apart as were only holding onambition gets oldwhen our hearts lie to usour hearts break our trust as were only holding onwe"
  • One Way Conversation - Taking Back Sunday
    "One by one The children laugh and stare At the boy down the road that nobody knows and nobody cares He doesn't look like the rest of them Cause he wont dress like the rest of them Noone cares about the"
  • Conversation overheard between two bouncers - LIZ PHAIR
    "See that girl alone Dressed all in her evening clothes She's dying 'Cause her boyfriend didn't show up Pull her out of line Stick her in a waiting room And ignore her 'Til her face gets really bloated"
  • Call That A Conversation? - Peter Hammill
    "Oh, spit it out, there's no way we'll see eye to eye my simple truth is your warped confusion; as off different planets we spin eccentric jive. I don't remember what I said I don't think you do either. Slippery"
  • Between Us - Tracy Lawrence
    "Sometimes our loves an open door And we know its safe inside But we have slammed it shut before And locked our hearts outside But we get a handle on it When we let go of our pride Sometimes we put words"
  • 10:45 Amsterdam Conversation - Funeral For A Friend
    "Water broken voice saturates a microphone into a receiver with no tongue offering little to what it knows Then a silence so heavy, broken hearts fall from throats when heaven is remembered but never seen through"
  • Divided Hearts - Kim Carnes
    "(Kim Carnes/Kathy Kurasch/Donna Weiss/Collin Ellingson) You're looking through your window Into the neon light You try to forget him But the feeling keeps you up all night Flashback, flashback, flashback Only"
  • Love's In Our Hearts On Christmas Day - 'N Sync
    "I know great distance still remains between us but there's good reason to hold on it's the happiest time of the year filled with laughter and good cheer as you watch the snow sweet love you'll hear me"
  • Love's In Our Hearts On Christmas Day - 'N Sync
    "Mmm oooo I know great distance still remains between us But there's good reason to hold on It's the happiest time of the year Filled with laughter and good cheer As you watch the snow Sweet love, you'll"

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