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doddy adeline

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doddy adeline
  • Perry Como That old gang of mine
    "Sweet Adeline! ( Sweet Adeline! ) My Adeline! ( My Adeline! ) Gee, but I'd give the world to see that old gang of mine! I can't forget that old quartet that sang "Sweet Adeline!" ( Sweet Adeline! ) Goodbye"
  • The Toy Dolls The Coppers Copt Ken's Cash!
    "He was a rich man, he was a sod INCOME TAX THIEF KNOWN AS KEN DODD Lock him up dump Doddy in the nick A GREEDY PIG WITH A TICKLING STICK Not content in the super tax bracket 1/2 a mill in the pocket of"
  • Mr. Lil One Loddy Doody
    "Mr. Lil One - Loddy Doddy Lyrics (Mr. Lil One) *Talkin* Yo, what's crackalatin This is all I got to say (Chorus) Loddy Doddy I love to party Cause a lot trouble And I bother everybody Since I was a"
  • Merle Haggard My Old Pal
    "I'm thinking of you tonight old pal And wishing that you were here I'm dreaming of the times and the days gone by When you filled my heart with cheer. I remember the night when all alone We sang Sweet"
  • Lefty Frizzel My Old Pal
    "songwriter: Jimmie Rodgers I'm thinking of you tonight old pal and wishing that you were here I'm dreaming of the time and the days gone by when you filled my heart with cheer I remember the nights when"
  • Jongmen Gwiazdki (ft. Sobota)
    "Czad zabawa, haj, na ziemi raj Każda chciałaby nie starzec sie Tak jak Adeline Każda liczy tylko szmal, gdy obcina z góry w dół Cwane i przebiegłe jak jebana Amy Dune Zwykły ćpun, cała z tapety Świruje"
  • Betty Hutton He’s a Demon, He’s a Devil, He’s a Doll
    "Everyone tells me he's no good He doesn't love me like he should I would forget him if I only could He's a demon He's a devil He's a doll That man can look me in the eye And tell the biggest, sweetest"
  • T-Bone Drunk In The Spirit
    "Once again I gotta grab the mic and start to be the funk an I don't know what happenin but I'm feelin kinda drunk in The spirit, and I aint talkin bout no type of liquor The Holy Ghost is the one that"
  • Wu-Syndicate Young Brothas
    "Intro: Myalansky (Joe Mafia) Young brotha, take a look around (All ya young niggas) At the starvation, legal murder (watch yourself blood) Abortion, as the death rate increases (I feel for you son) Life"
  • Tim Armstrong Into Action
    "Let's get moving into action Let's get moving into action If your life's too slow, no satisfaction Find something out there, there's an attraction If you hesitate now, that's a subtraction So, let's get"

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