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dreadlook holiday

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dreadlook holiday
  • Atomic Kitten Holiday
    "(aeroplane) Holiday, hey hey, run away, hey Now we've been workin should be playing hard Out in the sun and the sea Not in our own back yard I Wanna see us in the paradise Yeah with the heat turned"
  • Scorpions Holiday
    "(Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine) Let me take you far away You'd like a holiday Let me take you far away You'd like a holiday Exchange the cold days for the sun A good time and fun Let me take you far away You'd"
  • Jimmy Buffett Holiday
    "The weather channel girl with her perfect weather curl is talking cold, cold, cold You can't get out of bed you can't remember what you've said you're feeling old, old, old Is it fever or depression anger"
  • Weezer Holiday
    "Let's go away for a while You and I To a strange and distant land Where they speak no word of truth But we don't understand anyway Holiday Far away To stay On a holiday Far away Let's go today In a heartbeat!"
  • Nazareth Holiday
    "Drinkin' my wine, makes me feel fine Gonna have me a holiday Poor man's party, rich man's daughter Gettin' hotter and hotter She's pushin' way too hard I don't want any part of her way Drinkin' my wine,"
  • Madhouse Holiday
    "Holiday ' Celebrate If we took a holiday Took some time to celebrate Just one day out of life It would be, it would be so nice Everybody spread the word We're gonna have a celebration All across the"
  • The Subways Holiday
    "I think is time that I went on a holiday I think it's time that my mind should take a break I take the things that my friends say I should take I think it's time that I went on a holiday I know that you"
  • Jet Holiday
    "Got this notion from another man Put this dead fish in my hand Paperweight baby it's my name I hold you down 'cause your all the same to me That's right Say whatever you want baby, I'm your man And I"
  • Bee Gees Holiday
    "Ooh you're a holiday , such a holiday Ooh you're a holiday , such a holiday It's something I thinks worthwhile If the puppet makes you smile If not then you're throwing stones Throwing stones, throwing"
  • Boys Like Girls Holiday
    "When I was younger I used to be wild As wild as an elephant's child No one could hold me down No one could keep me around Now it's your turn, take a shot Baby show me everything that you got Maybe you"

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