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falling for you

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falling for you
  • Cheetah Girls Falling For You
    "But I stumble when I speak Melt, When our eyes meet still can't believe that I'm falling for you I Can't fight these feelings Can't find a reason Still can't believe that I'm falling for you, For You "
  • Waylon Jennings Falling For You
    "(Ralph Mooney) You bring me happiness then leave me loneliness My world is in distress yet I keep falling for you You look into my eyes and tell the sweetest lies You're a heartbreak in disguise yet I"
  • Mullmuzzler Falling
    "The world has turned me upside down again And put me back right where I started from I could have sworn, that I was fastened in But you've broken me, now look what I've become When innocence was all that"
  • Tyrone Wells Falling
    "I hear your voice from down below The sweetest sound I've ever known You call me closer to the edge To take a step and just let it go I know I want you Thats why i'm afraid Can you feel me falling for"
  • Weeping Willows Falling
    "It seems like we've run out of words of praise There's nothing left for us to say In the beginning there was lust but now The thrill has gone away You had my heart and now I want it back We're nothing"
  • Lisa Lavie Falling for you
    "I can't believe I'm falling for you, should I You see I'm caught up in a notion that you'll make my soul cry Don't lend yourself to what I said But know that these words run through my head I can't believe"
  • Student Rick Falling For You
    "this drowning sorrow is shaking me more than it ever has before the road signs reading bitter end leave me suspect of a crime the city air chokes me today more than it ever has before im nervous to feel"
  • Underscore Falling For You
    "Feelin like I can't cope with this life Like my legs can't keep up at this pace and... ...and if I keep this up any longer I'm bound to fall I'm falling for you You had to be the one To squeeze it tight Well"
  • 'N Sync Falling
    "I don't know how I don't know why But girl it seems You've touched my life You're in my dreams You're in my heart I'm not myself When we're apart Something strange has come over me A raging wind across"
  • Oblivion Dust Falling
    "Tell me your secrets Tell me your secret Is it lie, lie, lies? And give me a whisper that disappears like a sigh, sigh, sigh I'm falling from above I need a miracle of love Am I an object? Laboratory"

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