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loraine skorpions

  • I Found You - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 Never thought i'd find a truth Love was dead to me till I met you, I spent Alot of time building up these walls Then you come in to catch my fall Spent alot of time regreting When I should"
  • Life's A Bitch - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 It seems like everyones out to get me And I really don't know why Tryin' be nice isn't really that easy But when I give I just regret Everything i've done And I'm back to square one Chorus Lifes"
  • Become To Be - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 Your not the same girl, the one that you use to be Someone's gone and taken you away I get the feeling someone's getting inside your head Turning you against your friend Makes me sad to believe You"
  • Forgiveness - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 Days have gone by Thoughts have faded Nothing seems right anymore Been pretending For all this time I don't know who I am Chorus Forgiveness is so pure Forgiveness was lost for sure Forgiveness"
  • Taken - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 Everywhere I turn to Or everywhere I go I cannot seem to find a single man There either really ugly Or really way to old Or they got a pretty lil wife I cannot believe Can't believe Chorus Why"
  • Broken Again - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 I've have been promised to Then been lied to I'm getting kinda used to it Held my hopes high To watch them come Come on crashing down around me How much more can I take This shit's happend"
  • Everything To Me - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 You mean everything to me I hate when you are gone I've become insomniatic Cause your in my thoughts You don't seem to see what I see When I look in your eyes But all I see is truth All"
  • The Last Song - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 I don't know what has happened There's something really wrong Between the little arguements and fights We don't get along Your always getting jealous Over such small stuff Sometimes I just wanna"
  • Afraid - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 I don't know Why I can't let someone in Tell me Is it you or is it me Am I scared or to afraid to put my trust in anyone nowadays. Don't lie Tell me im a bitch, I know it Go on spill it"
  • Resolution - Loraine McFarland
    "Verse 1 I've been through so many things Went and loved and lost a few Never thought i'd make it But I always pulled through I don't regret a single thing Those things made me who I am And I would"

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