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  • Louis, Louis - Teitur
    "Louis, Louis play us a song Louis, Louis the stage is aching for one Please come back to the quiet generation We dont have any representation. Louis, Louis our stars no longer dance Louis, Louis come"
  • Louis Vuitton - Jeffree Star
    "Gorgeous! Jeffree Star.. Google me Bitch! Chorus; Louis, Louis, I got my Louis, Louis. Give me the Louis. Louis, I got my Louis. Louis Vuitton. Hey girl, I love the bag. It's all about the bag. ohh, and"
  • Louis Quatorze - Bow Wow Wow
    "When he comes bursting thru that door, mama leaps and hits the floor Calling himself Louis Quatorze, he's so young and dangerous Oh I love it when he says so seriously With his gun in my back, "Honey,"
  • St. Louis - Little River Band
    "ST. LOUIS WRITERS HARRY VANDA, GEORGE YOUNG Louie, Louie, Louie, Louie ... Countrymen, friends, lend me your ears, I'll tell you a tale of 15 years, I'm an ole man and so far gone, I want to see the"
  • Louis Collins - Hurt Mississippi John
    "Mrs. Collins weeped, Mrs. Collins moaned, to see her son Louis leavin' home The angels laid him away The angels laid him away, they laid him six feet under the clay The angels laid him away Mrs. Collins"
  • Louis Collins - Ben Harper
    "( Mississippi John Hurt ) Mrs. Collins weeped, Mrs. Collins moaned, To see her son Louis leavin' home The angels laid him away The angels laid him away, They laid him six feet under the clay The angels"
  • St. Louis - Blur
    "St. Louis song Something is wrong I kill that man From your own shoulders down And here comes an empty People look at each other like me CHORUS: I don't wanna be I don't want to be he-here (x2) 'Cause"
  • Louis Loon - Barenaked Ladies
    "Dive down, dive down Into the cool green water Swim around, swim around By the fish and otters Louis Loon Louis Loon Flap your wings, flap your wings You're picking up speed Soon you'll spring, soon you'll"
  • Louis Farrakhan - Nas
    "(Sample) "They did not have the power to stop Louis Farrakhan They were trying to touch on and thieve envy within the leadership But as a general and a man that rose through the ranks through discipline His"
  • St. Louis - Junior Varsity
    "I heard you're having trouble in St. Louis From the look of it, it seems you kind of blew it Well how could I grow tired of being useless When the more I work, the more I seem to lose it This could be"

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