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miss evenong

  • Miss You - Nat King Cole
    "(Brackets indicate choir in background) (I miss you) (Since you went away dear) Miss you More than I can say dear Daytime Night-time nothing I do Can make me forget That I still love you (Miss you) In"
  • Little Miss - Freya
    "Little Miss Little Miss "I'll do everything" Little Miss "I know all about this" Little Miss "I speak French with no accent" Little Miss "believe me, I've been there" Can I borrow your goody-two-shoes Or"
  • Miss Directed - Atrocity
    "Neon lights, erecting sight Welcome to the flesh-bemal scene XXX Psychopaths Going for nother aim Control me, dominate me Entering the pits of Mistress D. Walking through the chamber-light Tonight is Miss"
  • Moja Miss - NON STOP
    "zostaniesz moją miss wystarczy jeden kiss muzyka niech nam gra razem nanananan zostaniesz moją miss zaśpiewam ci na bis ludzie nich gapią się a ty pocałuj mnie zostaniesz moją miss tylko moją miss jesteś"
  • Miss a (Miss anonymous) - Git Fresh
    "(Studio money)This song is for them times that I made u cry n this song it's cause I want u to know that I(I) I(I) I... I love u...(whyd u had-) Whyd ya hada say goodbye(whyd ya hada ta) Whyd ya hada"
  • Miss You - Enrique Iglesias
    "Yeah miss you.. Tonight I feel so cold and lonely And baby you're so far away The space between us keeps on growing How I wish that you could hear me when I say no no no no no no no wish you hear me saying no"
  • Miss thang - Monica
    "Miss Thang.. (oohh) Miss Thang.. (Ooh ahh ooh..) Miss Thang.. (Oh yeah..) Verse 1: Couldn't wait to understand I grew up faster than the rest It affected the ways of my attitude But don't take it as I'm"
  • Miss Jamaica - Jimmy Cliff
    "Roses are red, violets are blue Believe me, I love you Let's not be apart Because you're the rose of my heart My sweet rose, you are my queen You're my Miss Jamaica My Miss Jamaica You're my Miss Jamaica"
  • Miss U - Sofia Loell
    "I miss you in my empty heart miss you in this empty room miss you in this empty world of mine I miss you in my fantasies miss you in the dreams I dream I miss you in this lonely world of mine I'm so afraid"
  • Miss Independent - American Idol
    "Miss independent Miss self-sufficient Miss keep your distance, no Miss on her own Miss almost grown Miss never let a man help her off her throne So, by keeping her heart protected She'd never ever feel"

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