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  • Money - David Guetta
    "She don't care, 'bout education, Money is, her motivation, He don't live, but love and passion, When he can buy, his satisfaction. Chorus: Money, Money. Get rich, or die tryin'. (repeat 4 times) Get"
  • Money - The Doors
    "You know the best things in live are free You can give it to the bears and bees I want some money Yeah yeah I want some money Yeah yeah You all give me such a thrill But your loving can't pay no bill's I"
  • Money Money Money - Afterworld
    "We planned to make this cover song long before this Abba boom that has been on recently. We felt that there was some hidden potential in this song and wanted to do our own version of it. I work all"
  • Money - Christian Walz
    "Tony's mad, he got the sack He's walking home with just the shirt on his back Billy bought a corner store Went belly up and moved home once more Zitas smile made her day Got her teeth punched out No more"
  • Money - Lou Bega
    "CHORUS : Money, oh money Be my baby, drive me crazy Money, oh money Wanna hold you, just like I told you 1. VERSE : Every morning I wake up by your side Oh my feeling is so strong I cannot hide I wan't"
  • Money Money Money - Lucky Dube
    "Don' t tell me love makes the world go round That is how it used to be So many years ago yeah These days we' re living in Everything needs a dollar These days we' re living in Everything needs some money You"
  • Money - Roy Orbison
    "They say the best things in life are free But you can give them to the birds and bees I need money, that's what I want That's what I want, yeah that's what I want Money don't get everything, it's"
  • Money - Mindless Self Indulgence
    "I'm so money So money Oh baby I'm so money so money Hey I will conform Hey I will play ball Hey I won't say 'fuck' I make a sacrifice because I want it all Baby doll I want it all I'm so money So money Oh"
  • Money - Beatles
    "The best things in life are free But you can keep them for the birds and bees Now give me money That's what I want You're lovin' gives me a thrill But you're lovin' don't pay my bills Now give me money That's"
  • Money - Richard Thompson
    "I work all night, I work all day, to pay the bills I have to pay Ain't it sad And still there never seems to be a single penny left for me That's too bad In my dreams I have a plan If I got me a wealthy"

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