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now i am here

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now i am here
  • Planetshakers Here I Am
    "Something in my heart Is burning like a fire I want to live for You I need Your touch right now Fill me with Your power Power to live for You my God I will not be moved I will stand for You I will go"
  • Marion Raven Here I Am
    "I'll protect you, don't be scared No matter what, I will be there I'll be gentle, I'll be light These are the words you whispered in the night Here I am Here I am Now I'm standing in the cold (Everything"
  • Halifax Here I Am
    "Here I am singing my hopes and dreams of yesterday Today you'll hear My childhood dream come true This could be you Just 2 years ago I was listening To All My Fault and San Dimas Football Rules As"
  • Patty Loveless Here I Am
    "(Tony Arata) Don't do it darlin' Don't you dare look in there You said you didn't want to see me But you've been lookin' for me everywhere And you know that you're gonna find me If you keep on drinkin'"
  • Delta Goodrem Here I Am
    "I saw the sun for the first time today It's been so long I thought you'd gone away And now I feel as though I've been here before Once again my friend I'll see you til the end Here I am this is me What"
  • Alcazar Here I Am
    "Did I here you crying in your sleep Did you feel like you were all alone Well, it must have been a real bad dream You should know I never let you go And as long as you got eyes to see You will always"
  • Bonnie Tyler Here i am
    "Here am I in love again Clinging to your arms again Wond'rin' why I wanted to be free. Here am I next to you Wond'rin' what we ought to do. Can't afford to lose it all again. Here am I there are you You"
  • Emily Lily Here i am
    "Here i am Exactly so My soul I die I live Consolation: "Here i am" 1.You are seen in mirror and you have me notion You feel touch of angel because you are lost You believe that sometime this moment"
  • Sebastian Deyle Here I Am
    "It is late at night and I'm alone, I got your picture in my mind. Oh let me know where we went wrong, loneliness calls my name, you're gone. I look up and wonder why, why we're trying to make believe... if"
  • Al Green Here I Am
    "HERE I AM (COME AND TAKE ME) Al Green (A. Green, T. Hodges) From the album: "Call Me" I can't believe that it's real, the way that you make me feel. A burning deep down inside, a love that I cannot hide. Our"

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