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Teksty piosenek (1745)


  • Pardon Me - Mundy
    "me coal, me coal-haired lady from the west, i've given you, doll, me very best. been drunk so many times in your pressence, in my engine, you are the essence.. i've drunk my every penny + pounds (?) my"
  • Casanova pardon - Mireille Mathieu
    "Eva war zufrieden mit Adam, ihrem Mann, doch der kam mit der Schlange auf eine schiefe Bahn Er wollte sich nicht ndern und das hat sie emprt, da hat sie einen Tages rigoros erklrt Es tut mir leid, Casanova,"
  • Pardon Me - Weezer
    "I tried my best, I gave my all Sometimes my best wasn't good enough for you Sometimes I let you go Sometimes I hurt you so I know that I can be the meanest person in the world So I apologize to you And"
  • Pardon Me - Elemeno P
    "So simple, when everything's Incidental And what we has is a rental And what we had was a lie Growing up in the eighties We're playing happy familes These are the days that made me These are days"
  • Pardon Me - Allison Moorer
    "(Allison Moorer/Doyle Primm) You say the time has come for you to go Why you've decided this, I'll never know You say you've lost the love you felt for me Well, baby, you won't find it if you leave Pardon"
  • The Pardon - Public Image Limited
    "I think you need me now. I'm from chapter to chapter. I'll never let go. I have an appetite. Follow the rules of life. Never the same thing twice. (repeat) Admire the scenery. It's where I left it last. This"
  • Pardon Me (Acoustic) - Incubus
    "Pardon me while I burst Ho, no... ho, no, no Ho no, no, no, no A decade ago, I never thought I would be At twenty-three on the verge of spontaneous combustion, Woe is me But I guess that it comes with"
  • Pardon My Dust - Chris Rice
    "Chris Rice What a Heart Is Beating For Pardon My Dust Pardon my dust, excuse the mess we're making somethin' new out of all of this I'm saying my prayers, and I'm trying to change so give me some time,"
  • Pardon me sir - Joe Cocker
    "Pardon me friendIf what I'm saying don't seem rightBut that's the only chance I get now for being man - heahPardon me SirIf what I'm saying frays you nowBut that's the only way to show you that I'm a clown"
  • Le P'tit Pardon - Les Wriggles
    "C'est un p'tit pardon Perdu tout seul au fond D'une fiert Un mea culpa Qui veut mais peut pas S'extirper C'est un 'C'est ma faute' Coinc dans les ctes Un 'J'suis dsol' Qui sait pas voler Un 'Autant pour"

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