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  • Hallelujah - Shrek
    "I've heard there was a secret chord That David played and it pleased the Lord But you don't really care for music, do you? It goes like this The fourth, the fifth The minor fall, the major lift The baffled"
  • Holding out for a hero - Shrek
    "Where have all the good men goneAnd where are all the gods?Where's the street-wise HerculesTo fight the rising odds?Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?Late at night toss and turn and dream of"
  • Honey and the moon - Shrek
    "Don't know why I'm still afraidIf you weren't real I would make you upnowI wish that I could follow throughI know that your love is trueAnd deepAs the seaBut right nowEverything you want is wrong,And right"
  • I need sleep - Shrek
    "I need some sleepYou can't go home like thisI try counting sheepBut there's one I always miss Everyone says I'm getting down to lowEveryone says, "You just gotta let it go"You just gotta let it goYou just"
  • I'm a believer (reprise) - Shrek
    "(Words and Music by Neil Diamond) Come on, y'all Then I saw her face (ha-ha) Now I'm a believer (listen) Not a trace Of doubt in my mind I'm in love (Ooh, ahh, yeah) I'm a believer I couldn't leave her"
  • I'm a beliver - Shrek
    "(Smash Mouth) thought love was Only true in fairy tales Meant for someone else But not for me Love was out to get to me That's the way it seems Disappointment haunted All my dreams And then I saw her face"
  • I'm on my way - Shrek
    "(The Proclaimers) I'm on my way from misery to happiness today I'm on my way from misery to happiness today I'm on my way to what I want from this world And years from now you'll make it to the next world"
  • It is you - Shrek
    "There is something that I seeIn the way you look at meThere's a smile, there's a truth in your eyesBut an unexpected wayOn this unexpected dayCould it mean this is where I belongIt is you I have loved"
  • Like wow - Shrek
    "Leslie Carter) Everything looks nice, Staring in your eyes Everything feels right, What's left is ah out of sight What's a girl to do I'm feeling you, you're on my mind I wanna be with you 'Cause when"
  • Little drop of poison - Shrek
    "I like my town with a little drop of poisonNobody knows they're lining up to go insaneI'm all alone, I smoke my friends down to the filterBut I feel much cleaner after it rains She left in the fall, that's"

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