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  • Jihad - KMFDM
    "Homo sapiens a dying species Poor sick dumb numb feeding feces Half-eaten starved beaten multiplying lying cheating Lean mean unclean ammo for the gun-machine Cannonfodder driven by fear Last-class raw"
  • Never Let It Go - Mushroomhead
    "No I'll Never Ever Let It Go Caressing The Downfall Out Stretched Arms On Your Knees Crawl Filthy And Feeling Low Dancing In The Undertow The Cut That Always Bleeds But Never Shows Everyone Crawls"
  • Once And For All - Hell Is For Heroes
    "With open arms, take me in Grip like iron, keep me close You were my puppeteer By your hands I could dance Through your mouth I could sing Without word you cut the strings All at once ushered in A change"
  • Cardboard Empire - The Guess Who
    "Cardboard empire would you crumble to the ground As we watched by Shipping magnate are you stranded on the ground With no dog to fly... Round the table sat the kings of circumstance The puppeteer would"
  • Donatello - Jawbreaker
    "When I come to life I'll suck the air so deep. That will be my first breath. I'm gonna cut my strings and kill the puppeteer. Then I'll walk on out of here. I'll make sure nothing happens here. Follow"
  • When All Is None - Septic Flesh
    "So they promised you the stars The happiness of your distant hopes But as you tried to catch the moon Its silver cape slipped through your fingers Fake was the dawn of their mortality You are drowning"
  • Human Bodies - Folly
    "This place, more orange nowadays. The ashen badlands redeem. Your face, through magnified glass, still draws me in. Those big eyes draw me in. Distrophy, stale again. Entropy: care so much for kamikaze"
  • Mercy - Muse
    "Help me I’ve fallen on the inside I tried to change (the pain) They’ll try to infiltrate Now I need to Let it go It always seems to Warm my soul Save me from the Ghost of shadows Before I eat my soul Mercy Mercy Show"
  • Despot - Windir
    "Seduced by the fire of power Blessed with the gift of deception I will become the reigning master Fullfilling my desires for perfection My strength is your comfort, your shield and protection Your godly"
  • The Colour Still Unwinds - Creepmime
    "Time and time again you tried so hard To lose your head, to free your heart Mister 'afraid to lose control' You were your own, ever intricate Marionette and puppeteer Unconciously seeking the divine For"

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