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remedy higher

  • Remedy - David Crowder Band
    "Here we are Here we are The broken and used Mistreated, abused Here we are Here You are Here You are The beautiful one Who came like a Son Here You are So we lift up our voices We open our"
  • Remedy - Pete Murray
    "She just likes her coffee Hot and black and in the morning sun Proceeds to read the paper Right on through until the score is done Don't you know And I will bring you roses Big enough to brighten up your"
  • Remedy - Cold
    "I don't love how you love but please don't leave me here alone I don't feel how you feel Well it's my fault I'm bones I don't die how you die I can't just waste away You keep changing your life"
  • Remedy - Adele
    "The river is too wide or too deep for me to swim to you Come whenever I'll be the shelter that won't let the rain come through Your love is my truth And I will always love you Love you, When the pain"
  • Remedy - Black Crowes
    "Baby, baby why can't you sit still?Who killed that bird out on your window sill?Are you the reason that he broke his back?Did I see you laugh about that?If I come on like a dream?Would you let me show"
  • Remedy - Jagged Edge
    "Remedy, JE y'all I know what it is It's that jagged little thrill right here Check this out Oh, oh, oh... Do you think about it baby? Do you think about it while your working While you're working late?"
  • Remedy - Charlotte Perrelli
    "I rather be strong on my own I rather try to make it alone I rather find a way to be free Then be your remedy It started like a story Only not a fairytale You swept me of my feet From the start like nobody"
  • Remedy - Audiovent
    "Hey, can I borrow your faith? I think mine's been misplaced. You found another addiction. And now you think you're saved. And I don't want to hear what they are feeding to me. And I can't swallow what"
  • Remedy - Blackie And The Rodeo Kings
    "Now it's so cold in your doorway I can hardly breathe. You know I want to lay down but I'm afraid I'll freeze I spent my last cold dollar Getting the way I am Running from the border just as fast"
  • Remedy - Seether
    "Throw your dollar bills and leave your thrills all here with me And speak but don't pretend I won't defend you anymore you see It aches in every bone, I'll die alone, but not for you My eyes don't need"

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