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sad guitar nf type beat

    "A ty jeszcze nie wiesz Ze my tutaj nagrywamy film Który wykorzystamy do piosenki A ty właśnie śpiewasz"
  • This guitar - George Harrison
    "(one, two, three, four) Found myself out on a limb But I'm happier than I've ever been But this guitar can't keep from crying Learned to get up when I fall Can even climb Rolling Stone walls But this guitar"
  • Waylon's Guitar - Hank Williams Jr.
    "Mr. Cash has got that lic America loves. Hank's songs came direct from heaven above. But the music I got strait from the hoase's mouth. Yeah Waylon's guitar had that sound. I got my first lesson from"
  • Guitar & Drum - Stiff Little Fingers
    "Well you get you entertainment Through a corporate plan Via 5 young athletes in a dancing band Who are trained to act moronically And smile on demand Cos it makes more money for the company man Well it"
  • Type - Living Colour
    "Stereotype Monotype Blood type Are you my type? Minimalism Abstract expressionism Postmodernism Is it? We are the children of concrete and steel This is the place where the truth is concealed This is the"
  • I'm That Type Of Nigga - The Pharcyde
    "Um um well excuse me. (4x) Who is the nigga in charge over here? Who is the nigga in charge? (4x) Well I am the nigga in charge over here Sack the quarterback to make a cheerleader cheer I fix my funk"
  • Type Of Nigga You Need - Mike Jones
    "Mike Jones! For the ladies baby (beat drops) Who?! Mike Jones (3x) Shyeah! This here for the ladies man You know what I'm sayin I know I ain't ballin' right now But, if you stay down with me while"
  • It's So Sad - Guitar Gangsters
    "Hey, Little girl, you're growing up too soon. You should be back in school this afternoon. I've seen your Daddy, Daddy's awful mad. He says you've let him down, bad, you're so bad. Hey, Little girl, you're"
  • Six String Guitar - Kenny Price
    "Six strings on this old guitar I broke one now there's five But five's enough to play my love song and try to win her back Cause the nights're cold and lonely since she's gone She heard that guitar picker"
  • Steel Guitar Rag - Hank Thompson
    "STEEL GUITAR RAG Writer Leon McAuliffe Been runnin' around, seen many a town, and maybe you'll find I'm the kind of guy that brags. But listen to me and see if you don't agree No melody rolls like that"

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