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shone bejcer

  • Fishing At Tescos - Senseless Things
    "Survey, cast your eye, our dinner is in sight All animal crackers and shiny wrappers are in the bin tonight. And when our faces shone. Picking things first out of magazines, grinning like we're on LSD. And"
  • And Now The Day Is Done - Ron Sexsmith
    "The sun has gone It arose but never shone And now the day is done Before itd ever begun It was such a pleasant dream Til someone pulled the plug T was a rude awakening Guess its time we all woke"
  • Shine On - James Blunt
    "Are they calling for Our last dance I see it in your eyes In your eyes Same old moves For a new romance I could use The same old lies But I'll sing Shine on, just shine on Close your eyes and they'll"
  • Have I Stayed Away Too Long - Glen Campbell
    "Have I stayed away too long have I stayed away too long If I came home tonight would you still be my darling or have I stayed away too long The love light that shone so strong sweet sweet love light that"
  • Where Happiness Ruled - Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio
    "We stood alone, where roses grew A blood red sun, shone down on us We stood alone, where life just won In front of us, a fallen cross We stood alone, where happiness ruled We stood alone, where roses"
  • Six Barrel Shotgun - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    "I kill you all with a six barrel shotgun I kill you all but i need you so I tear my finger from the trigger baby I tear my fingers 'cause I'm feeling low and son, Son sunday's sun never shone on me"
  • Wrong Side Of The River - Mott The Hoople
    "(Mick Ralphs) I was born on the wrong side of the river Where the sun never shone on my brass Though the seasons were rapidly changing Oh the best things were coming too fast I was waving the flag of indifference Never"
  • Crazy - Aztec Camera
    "Words and music by Roddy Frame When day has lost its dark When shadows cease to fall I wish and wonder You walk into the room The air is turning blue I'm turning to you And all my time Is open wide Chorus: And"
  • Hinba - Iona
    "Pulling against the tide, rowing Heart praying, thought flowing Until the oars touch the ground of Hinba Pushing against the eastern wind Salt that bleeds into the skin Looking over your shoulder to Hinba This"
  • Fool's Gold - Procol Harum
    "I was trying hard to win Save the world and be the king I was out there in the race Trying hard to force the pace Fool's gold fooled me too Bright and shiny looked brand new Fool's gold broke my heart Shone"

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