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shoot animation

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shoot animation
  • Magnum Shoot
    "You take a dangerous line, holding a loaded gun It's just a matter of time before you hurt someone So keep your running shoes close and sing your rebel song Then disappear like a ghost, the hunter won't"
  • Gundam SEED/Destiny Shoot
    ""Shoot" by Seki Tomokazu tooku hajike tobu starlight chiri isogu yume no kakera nagesute sashinoberareta tenohira wo kizutsukeru tada naguriau hibi ni nani wo katariau koto ga aru darou kodoku na kobushi"
  • Dio Shoot Shoot
    "You know the feeling All alone you back to the wall And all the doorways Are starting to close in front of you No confusion Oh no - it came in a spell Found it in a wishing well It's a matter of mind You"
  • Carina Round Shoot
    "AloneOn the edge of somethingSurround me a simple shell, youIn a forest, frozen, peopleDumbfound me, you found meI feel a shootI feel a thunderboltUnder my bodyI feel shootI feel a thunderboltThe entrance"
  • UFO Shoot shoot
    "Was a fast tough woman loved to play the clown You won't do nothin' about it Break a good boy's resistance down Know she's got a pistol Laid it down on me She said shoot, shoot, shoot it boy You gotta"
  • Solex Shoot shoot
    "I'll tell you a better story than'Little Kay of the skates'Or 'The Snow Ghost'He tore off some tender new tips andRubbed them on his handsUntil the air was filled with the sharp smellJust tore off some"
  • Guided By Voices Christian animation torch carries
    "Sometimes her mother will work with herBut There's nothing wrong with herThere's nothing wrong with herThere's nothing wrongSo such is life that it writes itselfTrying to right itselfBut There's nothing"
  • Pre)Thing Shoot Shoot (Carl's Song)
    "Drug me And love me Then take me I am yours Make me Then take this stuff I'm your whore yeah And tell me that you love me And tell me that you love me And tell me that you love me Then get yourself out hmmmmmmmmph Don't"
  • Young Buck I Shoot You Shoot
    "What......Common...... See I can make a horror movie with this warship movie Or spray my name on the door of your fuckin hoop d Fuck some jewelry I rock fifty chains for the haters Most of these rappers"
  • Sugarcubes Shoot Him
    "Einar Kann vi ekki skjóta hann? There were four of us One of us was the landlord There were, we were on a drinking spree I had eaten my take-away I washed my landlord, he was covered in gravy The others"

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