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solage locked in closer

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solage locked in closer
  • Scary Kids Scaring Kids Locked In
    "You're lying through your teeth it doesn't seem to be that bad until a good friend's corpse is lying on the floor. I can't seem to get by when all I'm living on is fake smiles. We all seem to be on top"
  • Akon locked up (warilla version)
    "Akon Miscellaneous locked up (warilla version) Verse 1 Standing tryna find a motive why do what they do, freedom aint gettin no closer no matter how far they go Phones are stolen no sim card in them, cops"
  • Seals and Crofts Get Closer
    "Darlin' if you want me to be closer to you, get closer to me Darlin' if you want me to be closer to you, get closer to me Darlin' if you want me to love, love only you, then love only me Darlin' if you"
  • Akon Locked Up (Remix) feat. Makaveli
    "Locked up, they won't let me out, And I had a long day in court shit stressed me out, Won't gimme the bail they can't get me out, Now I'm headed to the county, Gotta do a bid here, I'm used to living luxurious, I"
  • Beady Belle Closer
    "Closer Come a little closer Lend an ear to my secretive, whispering, quiet word Closer Still a little closer What i tell you must in no case go unheard Delicate, delicate Clandestine, devoted, forbidden"
  • Low Closer
    "Hold me closer than that Hold me closer than that How'd we get here so fast? Hold me closer than that On a dark, raging sea Ships lay sleeping beneath Overhead, spinning past Hold me closer than that"
  • Keith Richards Locked Away
    "She swears, that I'm the only one What about yesterday, yeah Oh! I'd like to believe Somehow I still suspect Locked away She ought to be locked away She ought to be locked away My mind is racing"
  • Rhodes Happy Closer
    "(5:03) Percussion and Keys: H. Rhodes, Kevin Bartlett Additional Vocals: Kelly Bird I was born with a penchant for sadness Now I can finally speak of the madness Oh you took from me my safety net Killed"
  • Susan Ashton Closer
    "It's just me and you and the man in the moon shining down. A blanket of stars up above and a quilt on the ground, I've waited so long to get you all alone in the dark I just wanna hold you 'til i feel"
  • Blessid Union of Souls Closer
    "Cross my heart and hope to die If I should ever let myself Be used again As an instrument of my destruction It's like tearing apart It's breaking my heart For you to see this side of me The things I try"

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