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stereophonics grap

  • Mr. Writer - Stereophonics
    "You line them up Look at your shoes You hang names on your wall Then you shoot them all You fly around in planes That bring you down To meet me who loves you, like Me crashing to the ground Are you so"
  • Carrot Cake And Wine - Stereophonics
    "I'm looking good got my shoulders back A few more drinks I'm off to dance I get the eye as I lift my glass the first time in six months She looks again I start to shake My shoulders twitching I'm on my"
  • I'm Alright (You Gotta Go There To Come Back) - Stereophonics
    "I'll drink another drink for you One, two, three, four, five Once I drank a fish alive I'll drop another pill for you Six, seven, eight, nine, ten I did it before and I'll do it again I'll tell another"
  • Jayne - Stereophonics
    "She took herself out in the car She drove herself around the block She said she's leaving me again Then she got lost I look for her out on the porch I wanna see her face once more She said she's leaving"
  • Soldiers Make Good Targets - Stereophonics
    "What kind of pace are we living now? Watching wars live, via satellite You carry a gun but no smoking inside Escape disease yet I could get shot tonight You Shoot You Lose The time has come and you're"
  • Pass The Buck - Stereophonics
    "It's beautiful, I'm a fool, tried to save you from the Rainy days Looking back down the track I'm the one who carried All your weight Yes you lie all the time and I don't believe you Ba ba ba, ba ba ba,"
  • It Means Nothing - Stereophonics
    "Did we lose ourselves again? Did we take in what's been said? Did we take the time to be, all the things we said we'd be? So we bury hopes in sand And my future's in my hands It means nothing It means"
  • Bank Holiday Monday - Stereophonics
    "Woke up with the shakes on the bathroom floor The sun is shining, I felt like drinking some more Sunday's takeaway welded on my elvis tray It's a pound a can in the garden all day Start at noon, keep"
  • Daisy Lane - Stereophonics
    "Outside it's summer, indoors it's cool It's just after 3pm, I see kids leaving school Policeman are walking, walking in lines Tight side by side A young boy's died 15 years old, slow walking alone They"
  • Stone - Stereophonics
    "I don't know why I let you go You said you'd wait I said I'd hope you would We talked 'til late until we walked away What's meant to be will be the same And I feel like stone Yes I feel ice cold I pick"

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