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the cab diamonds are forever

  • Night Cab - Tina Dickow
    "The raindrops on the roof of the car Sound like a warning I'm alone in the backseat And in the clouded sky a pondering star Waits for morning To go back to sleep There's a great big world out there Of"
  • Cab One - 13 Needles
    "Just look at the bright side, dear I can see you as you are The times that we spent together Were the happiest by far When I wake up 2 days later Ive found you Another point in my life to say I love you But"
  • Diamonds - The Boxer Rebellion
    "Pretty little thing did you feel something Did you always want me to be something To mend a broken a heart From a Devil of shallow nonsense Turned your world upside down Whatever said that it'd mean something Whatever"
  • Diamonds - Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
    "You told me you love me you told me you care But when I'm around you it's like I'm not there. I need a reminder something I can see Something on my finger shines so brightly. Don't you know diamonds"
  • Diamonds - Bee Gees
    "Looking for direction , the mighty amazon Only one ambition , to find the precious stone When I was a boy it was a vision Now it all just seems like deja-vu Maybe it was all a premonition Searchin' for"
  • Diamonds - Alpert Herb
    "Alpert Herb Miscellaneous Diamonds Featuring: Janet Jackson and Lisa Keith Writers: James Harris the III and Terry Lewis Transcribed by: Char Star Ugh, ugh You tell me you love me, you tell me you care But"
  • Diamonds - Amanda Lear
    "It's tough too tough to fall in love I got enough coal in my stove It's not my stuff to get involved I want to have fun and have a good time Give me champagne and all the rest But there is one thing I"
  • Diamonds - Normani & Megan Thee Stallion
    "diamonds are a girl’s best friend diamonds are a girl’s best friend I don’t need you I’ve got flooded out banquettes I don’t need you boy, my diamonds dripping wet I’m a super shero, bitch don’t try me"
  • Diamonds - Janet Jackson
    "You tell me you love me You tell me you care But when I'm around you It's like I'm not there I need a reminder Something can see Something on my finger Shining so brightly Don't you know Diamonds"
  • Diamonds - Lisa Loeb
    "Diamonds are a ritual A prize in a cracker jack A name that you won't get back Diamonds are a run around A game you can't win While you wait for your life to begin Miss the party Drink the punch"

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