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the pupils zos ta������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

  • Smash Ta' Piece - Virtuoso
    "(Talking) Word up, Virtuoso Ahh...uh.. yo (Verse 1) Thunderous overture, roll over ter(tar) like Ben Hur I'm your mentor, so who you gon' send for, ten four I read you Your people are over ah now cause"
  • Waitin ta hate - Ice Cube
    "(Ain't no 'California Love') (Love) (Love)... I see them niggas You see them niggas? I see them niggas Look at them niggas just waitin to hate (wait) Waitin to hate, waitin to hate (look at them niggas)"
  • Ai Ta Kokoro - UVERworld
    "Tooku hakanai mono ni one chance kieteku tada Favarite Dont stop the bitter kurushii hodo itoshii FUREIBAA suki datta kotoba PUREIBAKKU kokoro tasukete to always itsumo dakishimeteta kotoba wo MAJI na"
  • Use Ta Be My Girl - The O'Jays
    "Ooh, good lovin' The girl's got plenty good lovin' Ask me how I know And I'll tell you so She used ta be my girl I, I respect her When she was mine I used to neglect her Oh, she wanted more Than I could"
  • Never Go Down - The Pupils
    "You know that I've Been waiting for you all this time If you'd only smile Give me just a little sign Let me try Together we can fly so high If you'd just be mine The sun would never go down When I see"
  • Too Hot Ta Trot - Lionel Richie
    "Well you're too hot ta trot now baby Well you're too hot ta stop Whoo baby! Well you're too hot ta trot now baby Well you're too hot ta stop Whoo baby! The things that you do The things that you say That"
  • Ta Ta Ta Ta - Michel Polnareff
    "{Refrain:} Femme que j'aime, c'est ta ta ta ta Femme que j'aime, mais ce n'est pas toi Femme que j'aime, c'est ta ta ta ta Femme que j'aime, mais ce n'est pas toi Je me dis ton ami Et pourtant quand tes"
  • Bang Ta Dis (Remix) - Benzino
    "Un, un Can't hang wit dis Yo, can't hang wit dis Can't hang wit dis, bitch-ass niggas Stop what your doin and slang ta dis Pull your guns out and bang ta dis We don't give a f**k if you hate and"
  • Toi Sur Ta Montagne - Celine Dion
    "(Eddy Marnay / Christian Loigerot, Thierry Geoffroy) Moi... je te regarde avec mon coeur Comme un cadeau venu d'ailleurs Comme un pays que je decouvre Moi... tu me voyages dans la tete Et c'est en"
  • Out Ta Get Me - Guns N' Roses
    "Been hidin' out And layin' low It's nothin' new ta me Well you can always find a place to go If you can keep your sanity They break down the doors And they rape my rights but They won't touch me They scream"

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