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to the party the fiesta

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to the party the fiesta
  • Pogues Fiesta
    "I am Francisco Vasquez Garcia I am welcome to Almeria We have sin gas and con leche We have fiesta and feria We have the song of the chochona We have brandy and half corona And Leonardo and his accordione"
  • R.Kelly Fiesta
    "Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmmHmm, hmm, hmm, hmmHmm, hmm, hmm, hmmHmm, hmm, hmm, hmm...Chillin in my four point six at the lightBout to be VIP for the nightShorty in the drop top V made a rightPull up to her bumper"
  • Sense Field Fiesta
    "take the fire escape from summer I will see you again someday will you save a seat for me? say hello to everyone... I'm hearing music, its coming from upstairs its so beautiful, its coming from"
  • R. Kelly Fiesta (Remix)
    "After the show it's the after party then After the party it's the hotel lobby and After the Belve' then it's probably Cris' And after the original it's probably this (Fiesta) Yes ma, Bed-Stuy, Fiesta Remix"
  • Dead To Fall Chum Fiesta
    "Crashing Flowing Swirling Right from the start Gnashing Ripping Bleeding Quickly tears my flesh apart Through my cloudy vision Billows of crimson Signal the feast One last bite, Coming from all sides Confusion,"
  • People Under The Stairs Mid-City Fiesta
    "(Double K) I was chillin at the crib about 12 o clock When Thes Love called up, he knew a party we could rock Sometime around 8, yo we can't be late (Thes One) So straight I'll pick you up at seven, dig"
  • News Fiesta
    "Everybody In A Party! Bokura to sawagunda Hurry Up! Comin! owaranai yoru Shake Shake Your Body kodou o kanjitara hitotsu ni naru made eien no Fiesta jyakunetsu no DANCE DANCE DANCE! hitomi wa honki chika"
  • Gipsy Kings La fiesta comenza
    "C'mon Maria C'mon Soledad For dad and mom The party is going to start For dad and mom The bride and the groom will dance For dad and mom The bride and the groom will sing For dad and mom The party is going"
  • Pato Banton Ven A Mi Fiesta
    "Now this song is specially dedicated to the people of San Andrs Island and everyone in the Caribean. Nuff respect to all South American from Pato Banton and the Reggae Revolution. Understand me no man? Yes!"
  • The Monkees Party
    "Now that the party's over Now that the noise is through Now that the room is empty There's only me and you I think that I might just fall in love with you, with you There were so many people trying to"

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