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umbrella richanna

  • Umbrella - Trespassers William
    "You've waited to say "there's no way our bodies are one" Until today With the rain under umbrellas The cover was warm but there's a hole And the rain comes in Stand as far as you want Right now i don't"
  • Umbrella - Dntel
    "You can turn the city upside down if you want to but it won't keep you dry. You can turn the city upside down, like an umbrella but it won't keep you dry. When you wrap yourself in a highway strip, don't"
  • Umbrella - Nits
    "One hour cleaning' That's what they say But they kept my raincoat For more than a day One hour shower I'm soaking wet between The wellingtons we met You should see the neigbours and family When I bring"
  • Umbrella - Innocence Mission
    "I am going out now, darling.Pass me my umbrella, darling.I wear it like a crutch,to the ground,like a shadeand nothing comes down on me.I walk along beside the drivers.How ever do they drive so bravely?When"
  • Umbrella - Dog's Eye View
    "Did you like the flowers I sent? You could've called to thank me, well you could've called. I tried to kiss you on Brooklyn Avenue, but you got in your car, before I could move. I've been falling like"
  • Umbrella - Unfinished Thought
    "It's Another Great Day To Be Here Kept Alive And I'm Too Afraid To Even Go Outside For Fear I Might Be Left There Paralyzed It's Sad When The Rain Falls When It Makes No Sound When It Falls Out Of Order When"
  • Umbrella - The Postal Service
    "You can turn the city upside-down if you want to But it won't keep you dryYou can turn the city upside-down, like an umbrellaBut it won't keep you dryWhen you wrap yourself in a highway stripdon't expect"
  • Umbrella - Yui
    "chapu chapu ame ga furu nichoume no roji anata wo mukae ni eki made yuku no chapu chapu hontou wa kenka shita kara houtte okitai keredo... kuroi kasa wasureteta dakara * matteru no yo zutto matteru"
  • "Umbrella" - Awoi
    "Madamada kareru koto nai kanashimi to, sora kara furisosogu no ha namidaame Koware ta kasa o suteyo u Soshite me mo mimi mo kuchi mo ryou ude mo ira nai kara Rarara... Sai te in the rain Rarara... Sou"
  • Big Umbrella - Big Umbrella
    "--------------- Sometimes I use you like a shield, Cut down the rows of stinging rain. Sometimes I use you like a pillow Bury my face and I shout the pain. You're like a rainbow on a field You break the"

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